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sneak peek: evan & oliver haslegrave

by Amy Azzarito

Three years ago, brothers Evan and Oliver Haslegrave moved into a raw space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The brothers had founded a building and design company called hOmE, an anagram of their names and those of their sisters, Hadley and Morgan. They’ve designed and built commercial spaces in New York City such as the restaurants Goat Town and Paulie Gee’s, as well as a cafe for Van Leeuwen ice cream. Their own home in Greenpoint provides the perfect canvas for their building experiments. When they moved in, all that existed was the bathroom. They were able to build out everything else in an effort to maximize their working space — the carpentry shop is just off the kitchen, and rather than waste space with a sofa, there are comfy armchairs and a hammock for relaxing. Thanks, Evan and Oliver! — Amy Azzarito

All images by Jennifer Causey

Image above: This was a sign that we found at Build It Green. We believe it came from a movie set. It was too big to bring through the hallway, so we took out the window, and with a lot of ropes and willing friends, we managed to get it in.

See more of Evan and Oliver Haslegrave’s Brooklyn apartment after the jump . . .

Image above: The croquet mallets came from a flea market, and after some editing and a lot of fabrication, it all came together. It was not something that we initially intended to be a chandelier. (See the croquet chandelier in progress at The Makers Project.)

Image above: Shower curtains can be somewhat like cleaning yourself in a bag, so we used some old windows we had to prevent this feeling. We found the sink at Build It Green.

Image above: The corner doors conceal the apartment’s sleeping nooks.

Image above: The long table we built to be a door in our old loft, and in our current home, it found itself to be a table. The chairs were given to us with the wire already attached by a friend.

Image above: We found the doors in a factory in upstate New York. We really love half-light doors, so they might not end up in any of our projects.

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  • This is such an amazing sneak peek! I love all the old windows, this place feels so perfectly charming. I could sit and wonder about every piece’s history for hours…

  • Hard to believe this amazing space exists in Greenpoint, blocks away from my not nearly as exciting 2 bedroom. ha. I love creativity like this, the vision to create is so strong in some, and it’s fantastic when we all are allowed to take a peek in and be inspired.

    Thanks for bringing this to us Grace!


  • oh my word! This space is absolutely amazing. I love how it’s a working space and how items that they have collected potentially for future projects are stacked up.

  • This space uses old doors in an amazing way…and there are so many old doors begging to reused. And they don’t always cost that much. I hate it how here in Chicago fix-upper types will actually get rid of old doors and replace them with ugly new replacements that have absolutely no character.

  • I can’t get over their resourcefulness and sense of style.

    I’m also a BIG fan of their commercial projects. A few weeks ago, I spent a whole 90 minutes on their website looking, and re-looking, at all their projects. Pretty awesome stuff.

  • This space is amazing – thank you for sharing – love the loft and eclectic details! I need to remember to save space for a hammock in my next home.

  • How incredible is this? I love the leather chairs, the amazing bathroom and the hammock. It looks so lived in and cosy – I’d love to hang out here!

  • I love mid century modern and white walls as much as the next guy, but SO nice to see a really original, creative, and masculine space on design sponge! Love it.

  • Absolutely love it!!! I have quite a few old doors myself, wish they could come to my house and work their magic!!!

  • The house has an awesome feel, but some of those pictures made me cringe when I thought about cleaning in there.

  • Love the old windows as shower enclosure very much! And where/what is the metal table base from? Great space, radiates :)

  • I knew they would have beards ! I love it when people live their work, I know that space would smell of timber, one of my favourite smells. Gorgeous !

  • holy heck, joint best with Ariele Alasko sneak peek, so different and both in Brooklyn?

  • It’s not entirely my thing, but I love how different it is from other sneak peeks, and the absolute masculinity of the space. It’s very creative. And the dining table is gorgeous.

  • totally inspiring! thank you…. P.S. thank you for including that last picture what handsome men! ohhh and one more thing- the photographs are beautiful.

  • I absolutely love it. Particularly the way the space is divided with old windows and the croquet mallet chandelier. We have a lot of wood off cuts lying around and this has given me a few ideas.

  • What a great place, really interesting stuff but I wanted to see the bedrooms too, or do they sleep in hammocks?

  • Stunning!!! Absolutely every square inch! How do people visualize stuff like
    this?? Its fantastic!
    thanks for sharing it!

  • One of my favorite pieces ever! Such incredible creativity and insight…..

  • Brilliant! Love every square inch – how can you have a bad day waking up to this each morning?

  • Amazing and completely original space. Sexy scavenger style. Hammock in the kitchen?! WHUH??!! Love! Reminds me of the great finds you’d come across at Hippo Hardware in Portland, Ore. Er, those beardly bros are kind on the eyes, as well. But I like beards. A lot.

  • Nice in pictures, but it looks dangerous. Hard edges, rust ands splinters. yelling to the kids to “mind the pick ax”.

  • WHAT. this place is freakin amazing. i scrolled through (the first time) with my mouth hanging open. utterly dreamy. they boys aren’t bad either ;) soooooooooooooo crazy creative and inspiring!!!! one of my favorite spaces featured here for sure. just amazing.

  • Since my home is in a constant state of salvage & building I LOVE the whole things but especially the storage of supplies as part of the decor. I have been frustrated by not having my home completed & having to store supplies inside on available flat surfaces…. this is brilliant & I can certainly rig it to work in my home! BRILLIANT thx!

  • Haha, AT, I concur! It does look a bit dangerous and very beautiful too :) Love the salvaged and creative adventure of this home!

  • The sign is from Ang Lee’s film, Taking Woodstock! Great to see a 2nd home for it.

  • This seems like an excellent place to get list in a project or two… All of the wood adds so much warmth and depth!

    P.S. I think hOmE is an acronym, not an anagram! A good anagram for the four siblings’ names would be A Handyman Level Groovier.

  • If I could live in an urban loft I’d want it to look just like this. Definitely one of my favorite spaces you’ve ever posted!!!!!
    Thanks for bringing it to us.

  • Beautiful, natural home by two beautiful men. Grace, your constant defensiveness is exhausting, off-putting, and, at least today, largely unwarranted (comment about “we don’t all have kids”).

    • Zee

      I think the constant comments people make about “well this isn’t safe for kids” and “clearly no kids live here” are offensive and I’m tired of them. So yes, I speak up about those. This is my site and I have the right to defend people who are being judged by unfair standards.


      • Grace,

        I’m late to the party (2 years later)… I have 3 kids and I’m totally with you! :) I think you were clear and to the point and if it sounded defensive, it was definitely not offensive. Good for you. This should not be a blog that holds people’s hand and you shouldn’t have to explain yourself. I understand your irritation. It has been an ongoing thing where “some” parents feel like it needs to be about a space they can relate to. People are entitled to their opinion and comments but holy cow, they forget that this is a space to inspire, that not everybody is going to live the same way or have children! I’m sure that if one of those guys starts a family, this cool space (or a new one) will change accordingly. My comment would have been: “Hello Captain Obvious!” Too facetious? ;)

  • I’m wondering if either of the brothers wants to marry me…maybe? …please?

  • Love this place. And the two brothers reflect it so perfectly. Thanks for the share and inspiration! Jen

  • What’s with all the isolated detail? The details are of course beautiful, and some close-ups are always welcome for rhythm and perspective, but it’s hard to get a sense of what the space is like. After the first 3 photos it’s like paging through a catalog. Here’s a cute vintage hammer. Here’s a cute bolt. a pick axe. jars.
    Having said that, I’d love to keep seeing more “dude” spaces in the future.

  • Looking at this space had a similar feeling to watching a scene from Portlandia. Feels like every man in Brooklyn has a beard, every restaurant using the same designs and of course two brothers with a design firm would have an apartment like this. Is there any creativity in Brooklyn?

  • I think what a person does or does not like about design is subjective. Very much so. I think opinions that are expressed should never be considered “offensive”. Only the manner in which they are expressed could be considered in this light. Some of the people who love this website do have children…and that is part of what we consider when we look at design. just like color or style of furnishings or period of architecture. It’s ok if others don’t…but some do and shouldn’t that be fine? This blog allows viewers to make comments. Comments are about what we see. This is what we are judging…not people… :)

  • “”This is my site and I have the right to defend people who are being judged by unfair standards.”” I’m afraid I agree with Zee and Charlene…I find the defensiveness and labelling of people’s comments as offensive is judgemental and myopic…mums and dads and non-mons and non-dads read this blog and I would like to think that everyone has the freedom to comment in a respectful manner without being rapped on the knuckles for it. The space is indeed raw and refreshing…very nice.

  • I love the Dickensian man-cave assemblage, it’s really genuine and gratifying in essence.

  • What I love about this project (DesignSponge in general) is that it gives us something to aspire to. Not everyone will like everything, nor will it suit every lifestyle, but certainly there is inspiration to be had by way of play on textures, using the banal in a whimsical or refreshing way, and just plain seeing something you don’t see everyday. I love this project because it speaks to the phenomenal talent of these artisans and their courage/creativity to do what others wouldn’t think of or would be too shy to do. Bravo.

  • The natural wood in your home is perfection. The exterior of our home is log. I find something so soothing about natural materials. There really is nothing like them.

    Thank you for sharing!

  • All toll, I thnk this is one of the best spaces I’ve ever seen! So creative and homey. I wish I could start over again here at my home and accomplish some thing close to this!

  • Wow, that place has soul. Seems to be organic and curated at the same time, but mostly just reflective of the people who live there. I am curious as to what the stickers are from around the mirror.

  • I am with Charlene. I love this place, and were I without children would love something similar myself (but less dust) it feels old, warm, interesting and inviting, but alas for me it is danger! (which is right for this home and it’s occupants). Maybe something to aspire in another part of my life.

  • Love it all, including the cute guys! Wish they’d come here to fix stuff up for me ;)

  • a lot of money and time went into this place. I’m glad the boys design business is going so well, so they can pay their parents back.

  • Could you give us some tips on how you sealed the windows for the shower? I’ve had a similar idea and went online to get some tips and can’t really find any. Thank you!

  • well guys back in the day this was pop-ular, now its called old school. of course, i love it, the current word they call eclectic. for me, solid wood floors and an expression from the heart is exciting. keep on doing your work, the feeling is spreading!

    • How did you attach the windows. I bought an old door and would like to use it for the same thing. I just haven’t figure out how to attach it.