sideshow sign co.

Oh vintage signs, you always steal my heart. It’s impossible for me to resist a good marquee sign, and one day when I have a bigger apartment, I’m going to bite the bullet and get one. Until then, I’ll be here in my shoebox admiring these giant signs from Sideshow Sign Co. (what a fun name to say) online. Started by a husband and wife team in Nashville (Luke is from Australia, Jasmin’s hometown is Nashville), Sideshow specializes in giant marquee letters and vintage educational and old-world prints. That little exclamation point below is painfully cute and petite (for a marquee sign), so if you’re in the market for something bold and bright, click here to check out Sideshow’s collection online. xo, grace

Amanda DeVries

I was lucky enough to snag one myself a couple of months ago. It came off of a factory in Kitchener, Ontario (an hour west of Toronto), and that very same day I walked into the salvage company and bought it. It’s actually a “p” but I flipped it around to be a “d” for our family’s last name.

Mariah | Oh, What Love

I’m in love with these! I totally guessed that this place was in Nashville – that’s a perfect town for this stuff! That’R’ is my favorite!


Oh, wonderful! I’m a bit obsessed with vintage signage, myself. I love the shadow play poster best of all, I think. Thank you for sharing!