saint john street press

There is a huge part of me that would happily spend the majority of my day bent over a piece of linoleum carving stamps. They remind me of being in the printmaking lab in college, but in miniature form. And I’ve never met a miniature version of anything I didn’t love. These hand-carved stamps are from Tessa Kelly at Saint John Street Press, and they’re so simple I can’t resist them. Tessa recently graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Design and started carving stamps on the side while she wades into the world of architecture. I think she’s definitely got the beginnings of a great side empire, and I just placed a little custom order. If you’re in the market for a cute stamp, click here to check out and shop Tessa’s collection online. xo, grace


Shouldn’t the type face of the rubber stamp itself be laterally inverted in order to get a straight imprint? (re: second image, “save the date”)


Wow! These are really beautiful. I’m also completely in love with the Racebrook Celebration Cloth. Amazing!


Hi BP! Yes, the second image is inverted so that you can read it.

Melissa Kojima

Wow. These are so lovely. Yeah, I’d say she has a nice side business. I like seeing the stamp block. Yeah, I too love printmaking.