Quirky Tech Accessories

I am a firm believer that design should incorporate the things that make you happiest in life. Yes, functionality is key, but if I can add a dose of quirky and silly to my design style, I am all about it! Luckily there’s a bevy of hilarious gadgets out there, and I just can’t get enough of them.

I’ve gathered some of my favorite silly tech for your home and office on My Life Scoop. I hope you will keep the chuckles going by sharing some of your favorite quirky gadgets, too. Click here for the full post! Enjoy! — Stephanie

Natasha Fatah

I feel like quirky tech is THE go-to gift now for so many of my friends. Everybody has everything they need, so it’s time to go back to childhood and give them fun toys. ;)


Sandra Joyce

i absolutely agree. People just work better and become better version of themselves when they are surrounded by the things that make them happy, colors and quirks alike.