I’m having a moment with this lamp right now. I don’t know what it is about the shape, but it’s so appealing to me. It could be the love child of Niche Modern pendants and chunky wooden storage vessels. It would be pretty on a side table and perfect for casting a soft glow on a dining room credenza. No matter where you put it, this Boya lamp would be darn cute. Click here to check it out in more detail and place an order (via phone). xo, grace

Robert at ArtsyDesiny

This is not a lamp that is meant to hide in the corner with it’s polished sleekness. This is a bold lamp meant to draw your attention. But in a beautiful subtle way.


Love this lamp too, unfortunately the link you’ve provided doesn’t seem to work :(

Tina Ramchandani

I’m having the same moment. I think its a combination of the shape and mixed materials, and the fact that you can see the filament.


Love the lamp for the same reasons. I’ve always been drawn to short, stout shapes in design. :)


Anyone know the price will be? Wish there was a way to get updated when it’s available.

Charlotte - The Vintage Vogue

Grace, I think I may also be having a moment with this lamp. I’m pretty sure there’s a 98.35% chance that if you put an Edison style bulb on any light and make it look spectacular. Specific data to follow…

Erin O

Beautiful, but good god it’s expensive! $500!