nuage tables

Remember my marble obsession from last week? Well, it’s still kicking and has been greatly enhanced by the addition of metal that looks like a candy bar wrapper. I’m a major candy-holic; whenever I see crinkly or hammered-looking metal, it reminds me of a chocolate bar. I know, I’ve got some issues to address.

These tables aren’t new, but they’ve been sitting in my “marble love” folder on my desktop for a while, so I thought I’d let them go. Designed by Sophie Lafont for Christian Liagre, these Nuage tables (French for cloud) are made with white-gold plated bronze and gorgeous Carrara marble. I love the little cloud shapes; they soften the tables so they don’t feel too cold and minimalist. These are definitely “window shopping” pieces because their price point is pretty high, so if you want to ogle them further, you can check out this post at DHome or contact Christian Liagre to find a showroom near you. xo, grace