new: proud mary

I’m always excited to see an email from Harper Poe. Harper is the owner of Proud Mary, an amazing company specializing in textiles created in partnership with artisans across the world. She recently spent a month in Mali to work with three artisan groups including a tie-dye cooperative, crochet cooperative, and a traditional mud cloth workshop. The result is a brand-new collection of pillows, bags and Proud Mary’s debut line of scarves, all tie-dyed by hand by women in Bamako. The collection is stunning, colorful and full of the bold patterns I’ve come to love and expect from Proud Mary. While I’m always happy to support Harper’s work with artisans, this collection comes at an especially important time. There was recently a coup d’ etat in Mali so things have been incredibly difficult for artists (and everyone) living there. So supporting these artists right now is important while they try to get back to normal in an incredibly turbulent political climate. To check out the collection and shop online, click here. Thanks to Harper for continuing to search out and support artisans everywhere. xo, grace

the desert echo

How magical! If being marooned on a desert island was this glamorous I might consider giving it a go, in the mean time I’ll put building a raft on my to-do list!