national stationery show: sweet bella

I’m only doing solo posts for a few companies at the shows this year. These were companies that just couldn’t be edited down to four or five pictures; they begged for a full-blown post. And who am I to deny them that? Especially when it means I get to relive the excitement of playing with a thousand cute, tiny things in a booth?

For today’s NSS post, I wanted to highlight the amazing Sweet Bella booth. Normally I dislike booths that aren’t all-paper-all-the-time, but the curation happening in Sweet Bella’s collection is impeccable. Every tiny gift idea is a gem. I fell in love with the amazing mending patches above and below (so cute!), but their inflatable note cubes were adorable, too. All in all, these guys know how to build and curate a collection of objects like pros. If you’re in NYC, you can visit their store in person here, or you can check them out online for more info about the lines they carry. Thanks to the Sweet Bella team for letting me hog those patches for what felt like an hour. They were so cute. xo, grace

*The patches above were some of my favorite things I saw all weekend. A tiny croissant patch? Yes, please.

Image above: Sweet little clips in fun shapes

Image above: I loved these! They’re flat paper you can draw on and then inflate as a special message.

More adorable products from the Sweet Bella booth after the jump . . .

Image above: Fun office clips

Images above: This wool mending kit was AWESOME. It turns holes in your sweaters into colorful polka dots. So cool.

Image above: Super soft electronics cases

Images above: More adorable mending patches. I want all of these on one jean jacket. It’s my middle school fantasy.

Image above: This notebook was the perfect salmon pink.


I LOVE bullion stitch, and that quirky application is so fun. And the felted polka dots? Genius! I’m gonna jazz up my old holey wool sweater (I knew I couldn’t get rid of it for a reason :).

Rylla Resler

I love the patches too! I have turned stained shirts into graffitied wonders with a bleach pen and have embroidered over holes before – this just adds to my list of ways to save those favorite pieces. Cool!

holly - livingston & porter

Gosh, I love sweet bella.
If I could have a perfectly curated collection of things I love, I am certain everything they do would fit into that place.
I have always been a big FAN of Sweet Bella and it seems as though they just keep gettin’ better! Woo Hoo.