national stationery show: seed house

I feel like this post should be titled, “Shauna and Stephen never sleep”. The incredibly talented duo behind Something’s Hiding in Here and Forage Bowties have done it again, launching yet another fantastic design project called Seed House. Seed House launched at this year’s NSS and included a beautiful selection of cards, tags, paper scents and, my favorite, press botanical stationery with a flower press. I don’t know how they find the time to DO all of this, but they do it well. Seed House is definitely an instant favorite of mine. The light in that section of the show was hard to shoot in, so you can check out more of their work here. xo, grace

More images from Seed House after the jump…


Hello, I´m a silent reader of your blog. But today I like to thank you for sharing all this creativity. I love the style from Seed House.


haha re: your title for this post! so true! i really don’t think they need much sleep! or maybe they have figured out how to craft in their sleep too.

charlotte lyons

and they are the nicest people on top of all of that! was so happy to meet them at the show and see their beautiful work up close.


They are perhaps my favorite designers on the planet! Always so fresh and forward thinking. These are beautiful!

PatriciaF | unfound door

Oh my god. I think the flower-pressed stationery might be my favourite thing ever. What a glorious idea. I didn’t even realise people still did flower-pressing (I haven’t thought about it since I was a kid) and these two are making lovely paper products with it. They = amaze.

Gracey Levine

I love the idea of a stationary scent, I’ve always treasured letters that came with a whiff of something lovely to remember the writer by.