national stationery show: personal favorites

by Grace Bonney

The stationery show is always full of creative design, but it’s impossible for me to not have a few personal favorites that stand out not for trend or design purposes, but because I love them. Today’s final NSS post is all about the pieces I loved for personal reasons and that I hope to add to my ridiculous stationery collection soon. Thankfully I can hide my boxes full of cards at the office now and they no longer fall out onto the floor when someone walks into my home. Nursing a paper addiction is serious business. xo, grace

Images above: Awesome drink coasters (with illustrations based on drink names) and one heck of of a pretty booth at Rifle Paper Co.

Images above: Karolin Schnoor

Image above by Pei Design

Image above: The beets, mustard, fan and pancake cards are by Pie Bird Press (represented by Crow & Canary)

Image above: The Congrats Pretty Ladies/Handsome Couple are by Two Trick Pony (represented by Crow & Canary)

Image above: Oh Snap! by Fancy Seeing You Here

Images above: Gold Teeth Brooklyn

Image above: Hammerpress

Image above: Metallic Gold Wolf Journal by Little Lark (represented by Crow & Canary)

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