national stationery show: personal favorites

The stationery show is always full of creative design, but it’s impossible for me to not have a few personal favorites that stand out not for trend or design purposes, but because I love them. Today’s final NSS post is all about the pieces I loved for personal reasons and that I hope to add to my ridiculous stationery collection soon. Thankfully I can hide my boxes full of cards at the office now and they no longer fall out onto the floor when someone walks into my home. Nursing a paper addiction is serious business. xo, grace

Images above: Awesome drink coasters (with illustrations based on drink names) and one heck of of a pretty booth at Rifle Paper Co.

Images above: Karolin Schnoor

Image above by Pei Design

Image above: The beets, mustard, fan and pancake cards are by Pie Bird Press (represented by Crow & Canary)

Image above: The Congrats Pretty Ladies/Handsome Couple are by Two Trick Pony (represented by Crow & Canary)

Image above: Oh Snap! by Fancy Seeing You Here

Images above: Gold Teeth Brooklyn

Image above: Hammerpress

Image above: Metallic Gold Wolf Journal by Little Lark (represented by Crow & Canary)

a rubino

are you able to say the artists behind these beautiful works?


The “Oh Snap” card is hilarious! Would love to know who makes it!


Love the list matchbook idea. Not ‘FancySeeingYouHere’?


The Bison Press items are now stuck in my brain. I don’t think I’ll rest happy until I pick up one of those gold and black notebooks.


Are the Brandy Alexander coasters from Rifle? Not for sale on their website! Do I have to…gasp!…wait or something? Grumble grumble! Oh just kidding no grumbles.

Amy Azzarito

j9 – Yup! The Cocktail Lady coasters are from Rifle. So cute!

Carina | Crow and Canary

Just a quick correction – the metallic wolf journal in the Crow and Canary booth is from Little Lark, not Lark Press. Thanks again for all the coverage of our designers!

Catherine @ Printerette

I think the nautical/fish cards are by Pei Design. Loved her stuff! Great coverage of the NSS!

Bonnie McCarthy

These are So cool!! I would go crazy at a show like this!! Love the thick embossed cards and witty graphics! Love! Love!


Who is the artist behind the stunning black and gold fairytale notebooks?