national stationery show 2012: sweet nothings

For me, cards are almost always about telling someone special that you care about them. I’ve gotten better at sending “just because” cards, but I always prefer to send something sweet. So for today’s National Stationery Show post, I wanted to share my favorite lovey-dovey cards. These would be perfect to tuck inside someone’s bag on the way to work or to celebrate a special occasion. No matter what the excuse, these are great to keep around your house just in case. xo, grace

Images above: Artisanal/canning culture inspires a sweet card from Alee and Press. Venn diagram card by Alee & Press, as well.

Image above: A sweet card from Belle & Union that makes this Southern girl’s heart happy.

Image above: Ghost Academy’s cards shot me like an arrow through the heart. I wanted every single one of them. They had a punky, Ghost World, riot grrrl quality that sent me straight back to middle school, in the best way possible. This one was my favorite. (represented by Crow & Canary)

Image above: Favorite sweet card of the show, hands down (by Gilah Press) (represented by Crow & Canary)

Image above: Hot stuff card by Shed Letterpress

More sweet stationery designs after the jump . . .

Image above: I really love my cat. So naturally this card was a favorite. By Pei Design

Images above: Sweet cards from Alee and Press

Image above: Veggie love cards by Gilah Press (represented by Crow & Canary)

Image above: Colorful cards from Egg Press

Image above: I loved these sweet dipped cards from Moglea.

Image above: A Home Alone AND a National Lampoon‘s reference in one card? Sold. Card by Greenwich Letterpress (represented by Crow & Canary)

Image above: Bike love from Gilah Press (represented by Crow & Canary)

Images above: If someone can make you feel like kittens are exploding from your head, hold on to them. Cards from Ghost Academy (represented by Crow & Canary)


I love Ghost Academy! I gave my husband one of their cards on our wedding day. It said “If you were a zombie I’d let you eat my brains.” Perfect sentiment for that day, don’t you agree?


Aw, the butter one made me laugh, but the Moglea cards are my favorites. I love the simplicity.


I love the Ghost Academy cards too. I gave the exploding kittens card to my husband on our wedding day and it was perfect. Absolutely perfect.


Normally artisan greeting cards leave me snoring. These are better than fantastic. They make me feel like kittens are exploding out of my head.

Carina | Crow and Canary

Thanks for the mention, Grace! The sweet new veggie cards are by Gilah Press. Crow and Canary also represents Ghost Academy, Greenwich Letterpress, Lark Press and Enormous Champion for any wholesale inquiries. :)

Melissa Kojima

Oh these are really lovely dovey, but not too much. Great picks, Grace. I love the rabbit eared one which says, “You just get me”. How wonderful is that! I also liked the idea you had of tucking one in someone’s brief case and having them discover it later in their day. Such a “sigh” moment of contentment—I mean—I imagine. Thanks!


The few I clicked on to hopefully purchase, there was no such ability. It’s 2012, e-commerce is expected.


And she just keeps on giving, you rock Megan. ; )

julie @ tractorgirl

oh yes, love those bunny ears…but it’s the beautifully rendered expression on her face! Great picks, I love the vegie ones too.


I have seen so many of these before by other artists. The PB&J card has been done about 15 times.

Grace Bonney


yes, i think a lot of common themes like “what goes together” happen frequently in design. but for me, it’s still a cute take on it.



Such talented artists and so amazingly beautiful! Thank you for sharing – I will need to look into this more!


you share the cutest cards!!! thank you!!!! I am loving the ones from “ghost academy” the most!


Grace, do you think there’s any hope/room for stationary outside the letterpress world? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a good letterpress print and have done some myself, but I wonder if it’s going to get cliche or overused soon. Thoughts?

Grace Bonney

as someone who covers, loves and buys stationery on a regular basis: YES. :)

(i’m assuming you meant letterpress outside of the stationery world, right?)


Kat Feuerstein

Hi Grace, Thanks for the coverage! The veggie cards, called Sow Sweet, are ours (Gilah Press). Sorry to have missed you at the show this year! -Kat