national stationery show 2012: sweet nothings

by Grace Bonney

For me, cards are almost always about telling someone special that you care about them. I’ve gotten better at sending “just because” cards, but I always prefer to send something sweet. So for today’s National Stationery Show post, I wanted to share my favorite lovey-dovey cards. These would be perfect to tuck inside someone’s bag on the way to work or to celebrate a special occasion. No matter what the excuse, these are great to keep around your house just in case. xo, grace

Images above: Artisanal/canning culture inspires a sweet card from Alee and Press. Venn diagram card by Alee & Press, as well.

Image above: A sweet card from Belle & Union that makes this Southern girl’s heart happy.

Image above: Ghost Academy’s cards shot me like an arrow through the heart. I wanted every single one of them. They had a punky, Ghost World, riot grrrl quality that sent me straight back to middle school, in the best way possible. This one was my favorite. (represented by Crow & Canary)

Image above: Favorite sweet card of the show, hands down (by Gilah Press) (represented by Crow & Canary)

Image above: Hot stuff card by Shed Letterpress

More sweet stationery designs after the jump . . .

Image above: I really love my cat. So naturally this card was a favorite. By Pei Design

Images above: Sweet cards from Alee and Press

Image above: Veggie love cards by Gilah Press (represented by Crow & Canary)

Image above: Colorful cards from Egg Press

Image above: I loved these sweet dipped cards from Moglea.

Image above: A Home Alone AND a National Lampoon‘s reference in one card? Sold. Card by Greenwich Letterpress (represented by Crow & Canary)

Image above: Bike love from Gilah Press (represented by Crow & Canary)

Images above: If someone can make you feel like kittens are exploding from your head, hold on to them. Cards from Ghost Academy (represented by Crow & Canary)

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