national stationery show 2012: neon!

by Grace Bonney

This past weekend it was 80 degrees and sunny in NYC — absolutely perfect outdoor weather. So naturally I decided to pack up my camera and spend two days walking around the Javits Center checking out ICFF and the National Stationery Show. While I hated being away from the sun so much (it’s like a giant casino inside — no clocks, no windows), I was excited to see old friends and new designs and to get an idea of what trends we’ll be seeing in stores this fall.

I’m breaking my trade show coverage down by trend or theme, so I’m kicking things off with my favorite (continued) stationery trend: NEON. I would wear neon head to toe if it was socially acceptable, but seeing as it’s not, I’ll have to collect these paper pieces instead. I hope you’ll enjoy this quick trip down neon lane as much as I did. xo, grace

Images above (more after the jump): My favorite piece of the entire show — Linda & Harriett’s oversized quilt-inspired screenprinted calendar. The neon pages and pops of color were intense. And awesome.

Image above: The little neon pops on these cat cards from Fancy Seeing You Here were adorable.

Image above: Neon cards from Hammerpress

More cards after the jump . . .

Image above: Neon pink in Egg Press’ holiday card

Image above: A neon bike banner from Lark Press (represented by Crow & Canary)

Images above: Neon tape cards from Enormous Champion (represented by Crow & Canary)

Image above: Neon love cards from Fancy Seeing You Here

Images above: More calendar pages from Linda & Harriett’s epic wall calendar

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