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living in: the pajama game

by amym

Leave it to a 1950s musical to turn a factory union labor dispute into a sunshiny love story. The Pajama Game is just that, the story of an employee organizer who enters into negotiations with a pajama factory’s superintendent and gets a lot more than she bargained for. With plenty of saturated colors and patterns, I’m feeling the summertime itch, and a striped sundress and picnic in the park are the only cure. — Amy Merrick

1. Multicolor Pennant Banner, $9; 2. Ted Baker Sunglasses, $132; 3. Eco Picnic Basket, $125; 4. Lemon Straw Boater, $100; 5. Lavender Kitten Heel, $41; 6. Navy Striped Bottle Opener, $7; 7. Tea Towels, $45; 8. Basket of Glasses, $40; 9. Striped Sundress, $76; 10. Amber Glasses, $9

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In what must be the only factory ever to contain ridiculous amounts of dancing, it’s hard not to want to sit at the machine and sing along. The colors are bright, the tunes are catchy and the style is pitch perfect for hot summer afternoons. A labor strike over seven cents an hour is an adorably dated touch, and I’d pay much more to surround myself in piles of the brightest PJs around.

1. Ceiling Pendant Lamp, $39; 2. Vintage Industrial Wall Clock, $89; 3. Gingher Scissors, $34; 4. Heart Earrings, $450; 5. Estee Lauder “Lustrous Pink”, $22.50; 6. Tape Measure, $1; 7. D. Porthault “Pink Coeur” Pajamas; 8. Vintage File Cabinet, $975; 9. Wards Sewing Machine, $135; 10. Sewing Kit, $12

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  • These are my favorite posts! I’ve been introduced to so many great movies this way , I am really excited to rent this movie : )

  • Oh my god. We did the Pajama Game for a fall musical when I was in high school. I am sorry to say I can still sing every single song. (Or is that something you brag about?) Thank you so much Amy for sending me down memory lane & for making me smile!

  • I never thought about that being a summer movie, but it so is! “The pajama game, is the game I’m in, and I’m proud to be in the pajama game…”

  • There’s no one more summer sun-shiny than delightful Doris – no matter what character she is playing. Oh and I WANT that filing cabinet!

  • I adore The Pajama Game! It’s do adorable. Its the ony time I’ve wanted a set of matching pajamas.

  • I really love your “living in” series. It’s always a wonderful moment, when you realize how much your favorite old movies have affected style today. Thanks for continuing to surprise us!

  • Ditto on the high school musical love! I played Doris Day’s character, Babe Williams, in my high school’s production, I can still sing all of the songs, and I am definitely getting those pajamas. And maybe the heels, too.

  • Does anyone know to get to the much older “Living In:” articles? I’ve been trying to find the Blade Runner one for hours now. I know it exists because someone mentioned it in the comments of “Living In: Out of Africa” Help?

  • I was in The Pajama Game in high school as well, just a few years ago! I played Gladys and it was the best character I ever had the honor of playing! I will always love this musical’s quirkiness! It’s wonderfully cheesy!

  • I absolutely love old movies like this especially Doris Day. I had forgotten about this one, now I want to see it again, Love those lavender shoes you found.
    You should do “Please don’t eat the Daisies” One of my most favorite Doris Day movies!