living in: rocky


They said it couldn’t (or shouldn’t) be done. That it was impossible. A long shot. A snowball’s chance. Etcetera. Are we talking about Rocky overcoming the odds and fighting the famous boxer Apollo Creed? No. We are talking about turning Rocky into a Living In post. In the spirit of the man himself, we’ll take the challenge and prove to all of humanity and ourselves that anything is possible with enough perseverance. Now about that black eye . . . — Amy Merrick

1. Glass-footed Fish Bowl, $9; 2. Christian Dior Cateye Frames, $141; 3. 4-pack of Undershirts, $20; 4. Red Fringe, $6/yd; 5. Sweatband, $3; 6. Moller Trolley, $1630; 7. Paper Lantern, $8; 8. Adoptable Red-eared Slider; 9. Goldfish Sharpener, $3; 10. Everlast Boxing Gloves, $89

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While basically an excuse to watch a young Sylvester Stallone mumble incoherently, do fascinating one-handed push-ups and say “Yo, Adrian” repeatedly, Rocky is two hours well spent. You will understand your father, cousin, brother, husband, neighbor or mailman better afterward and marvel at the whole genre of sports movies. Rocky is the only sports movie ever to support such a bizarre yet loveable personal narrative, and that’s probably why it won the Oscar for Best Picture. Rocky ice skating with sneakers on? Rocky talking lovingly to his pet fish? Rocky punching large carcasses of meat? Yes. Yes. Yes.

1. Wall Clock, $99; 2. Ace Bandage, $1; 3. Rotary Phone, $45; 4. Industrial Lamp, $104; 5. Bath Towels, $30+; 6. Narrow Comb, $1; 7. Padlock, $6; 8. Private Sign, $20; 9. Wings and Horns Robe, $150; 10. Single Tier Locker, $87


This might be my favourite “Living In…” yet. Thanks for taking on the challenge!


i love you forever. rocky is awesome and THIS is awesome!


FYI people: just because rocky had tony turtles living in a tiny fish bowl, doesn’t mean you should keep your water turtle in a tiny fish bowl. Turtles need room to be in the water and out. A filter is also good since water can get mucky very quickly. Public service announcement done:)

Laura Abramson

Seriously, that link to the company that sells lockers is GREAT. I ‘ve had lockers for my triplets (now 10 yrs old) ever since they started 3-yr-old preschool, and everybody always asks me where I bought them (a furniture company that no longer carries them). Just this weekend, somebody asked me again. Did you see all of the colors those lockers come in? NICE!!!


Yo, Amy! Love it! You have not only met the challenge but surpassed it. Bravo – total knockout.


With every Living In post I’m shocked by how similar my movie taste is to DS, but Rocky takes the cake. It’s like you’re reading my thoughts! LOVE this movie! Too often overlooked or marginalized, people forget it won best picture and best director in 1976. The lockers are cool, but Sly, oh my!


That’s an interesting point of view – I’ve never thought about the rooms and decor watching Rocky. It’s funny but also very interesting! :)


How about how Rocky has changed all our lives forever!!!. We all have been infected in some way, even if it’s from a friend who saw the movie. Rocky gave me what I needed to push threw life at times. GODBLESS ROCKY FOREVER!! A real super hero of the USA.. Go get him Rock!!!…


wow flashback I had a Rocky poster in my bedroom

Ann @ Housefinally blogspot

They key to appreciating Rocky again is to forget the other 3 (or is it 4?) in between… EXCEPT for the very last one, Rocky Balboa. That one is actually really good. A double feature of the first, then the last would be wonderful. Love Rocky!


Thanks ..this was cool… and did you know that ole Sly himself wrote the story line for Rocky movies .. and refused to give to Hollywood, unless he played Rocky himself ….. was a touch battle and I for one is so glad he won …
and i agree rocky was hot !!!!


Thanks for making the turtle a rescue turtle! Wish I could find that floral wallpaper…


these are always my favorite D*S posts… and this one is amazing! well done!


Love this. Makes me want to watch Rocky real bad. If I may be so bold as to make a request… I would love to see your take on living in The Shining!

ashley sawyer

so funny we were just about to watch Rocky! love this post, Amy.

Kat from Jersey

Looking at him now, it’s hard to remember how absolutely beautiful Stallone was back in the day, but he definitely had it! I remember being 13 and seeing him on the cover of Time Magazine in his Rocky outfit, and being absolutely flabbergasted! Those gorgeous slightly droopy brown doe eyes! And how sweet he was to Adrienne!


Yessss! I’m planning a surprise “rocky” party for my beau. This is great inspiration!

Sreven Reeves

I saw this movie in a packed theater in Spring of 1977 where it had already been playing for six months. Obviously this was pre any home video options. I have never been in audience that got so into a movie and the characters. The crowd truly was going wild at the end.

Bridget C.

Thank you, Thank you! I never thought you would do this movie in a million years. It is my favorite movie of all time. Everyone always thinks it’s weird b/c I am a girl (now, woman), but I have watched this too many times to count. As a child of the 70’s, the movie set and your post make me very nostalgic.