living in: lady chatterley


Lady Chatterley is exactly what is should be: a lush and lascivious romp that would make even the boldest blush. Based on the scandal-inducing novel by DH Lawrence, the movie follows the affair of an aristocratic woman and her estate’s game keeper. Style rains down as an English spring blossoms, and for the love of god, do not watch this one with your parents. — Amy Merrick

1. Bottega Veneta Cashmere Cardigan, $887; 2. Tavern Scone, $45; 3. Round Bread Board, $58; 4. Fly Covers, $19; 5. Zinc Top Table, $2455; 6. Linen Striped Tablecloth, $128; 7. English Breakfast Tea, $7; 8. Watering Pot, $55; 9. Promenade Coffee Pot, $160; 10. Promenade Tea Cup, $22

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Leave it to the French to do a properly jawdropping version of Lady Chatterley. Each scene radiates with tension: the imposing estate versus the game keeper’s cottage, her fine manners versus his coarse gruffness. It doesn’t hurt that the changing of the seasons and the growing of flowers play a leading role; I will scatter petals in a cottage with a handsome man any day.

1. Flowering Oregano, $68; 2. Carolee Earrings, $38; 3. Tiffany Salt and Pepper Shakers, $245; 4. Vintage Silver Fruit Bowl; 5. Wine Decanter, $35; 6. Marble Mantel, $3398; 7. Featherweight Silver Band, $49; 8. Couteau Wine Glasses, $42/set of 6; 9. Silver Toast Rack, $79; 10. Lemon Water, $13


This cracked me up, “for the love of god, do not watch this one with your parents”! I’ve put this in my netflix queue:)

Amanda (Dear Frances)

ahh, flowering oregano. I was unaware of its existence until I devoured Bringing Nature Home, and now here it is all beautiful in this post. obsessed.


Sounds like the perfect movie for May Day, yes? These still are so enticing. I can’t think of a better world to visit right now.

eve tedja

This is also my favorite Lady Chatterley adaptation. The guy reminds me a bit of Marlon Brando in ” Last Tango in Paris” and yes, the setting is divine!


I would like to put an entry in to the “living in” suggestion box: Boogie Nights!

Kat from Jersey

This is a great movie, with such style, but Rupert Graves as Alec Scudder in “Maurice” forever set the standard for hot gamekeepers! And, being a Merchant Ivory film, it’s beautiful in every other way.