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living in: empire records

by amym

Empire Records is better known for nostalgic adoration than cinematic appreciation, but we’re okay with that. Face it, we love to love the nineties and enough time has past to make Doc Martens seem like a good idea again. Who didn’t develop a massive girl crush on Liv Tyler and suddenly find themselves unable to listen to anything but The Gin Blossoms? Succumb to the power of Rex Manning and finally revisit your favorite record shop.    –Amy Merrick

Image above: 1. Bennett Pendant, $550; 2. Urbanears headphones, $60; 3. Staedtler drawing pencils, $11; 4. Whitney album, $9; 5. Pill box, $8; 6. Mary McDonald leopard sofa; 7. Doc Martens, $127; 8. Opening Ceremony skirt, $104; 9. Badge lanyard, $3; 10. 3 speaker boombox, $499.

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The gang at Empire Records were a lovable lot and I think we all wanted in. Since actually working retail involves a lot less dancing in the aisles and faux funerals, instead let’s channel that desire into upping our nineties quotients. Swatches, hemp bracelets, piles of records and peace signs- together we can save the empire.

Image above: 1. Phillip Lim 3.1 leather jacket, $1540; 2. Peace sign marquee, $199; 3. Martha Stewart Cupcakes, $17; 4. Birch Stacking chairs; 5. Swatch watch, $80; 6. Brass link box, $175; 7. Hemp bracelet, $7; 8. Wire storage table, $79; 9. Wire trash can, $24; 10. Eyeball sconce, $39.


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