kitchen drawings from milk farm road

If my shopping patterns are any indication, I’ll be living in an entirely pink home in the not so distant future. I tried swearing off bright pink for a while and then gave up. It was a losing battle. So right now I’m unabashedly celebrating little bits of pink as they seem to pop up in everything I like online. These kitchen drawings from Milk Farm Road have beautiful washes of hot pink running through them, and I can’t get enough. They make me want to paint everything in my home with a giant watercolor-y streak of pink. Click here to check them out online ($125 each); they’ll be available for sale May 7th. xo, grace

*PS — You can catch a sneak peek of Heather from Milk Farm Road’s Montana home right here.


I love these, Grace! I have no problem with the pinks ( in fact, that’s part of the draw). I do shy away from too much black, but I think these are ok.

Tracey MacKenzie

I know exactly how you feel! I am seeing pink everywhere. I posted a hot pink chandelier on my blog yesterday and I’m desperately trying to find somewhere for it in my house LOL!