icff 2012: wallpaper

After yesterday’s shiny metal objects post, I figured it was time to up the ante with some intense patterns. Today’s ICFF coverage is all about wallpaper, something that seemed to pop up everywhere. Inside cabinets, on walls, under glass on tables — patterned paper was alive and kicking. I rounded up my favorite new designs (glow in the dark, what?) above and below, so I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did. xo, grace

Images above (including lead image): Flat Vernacular was KILLING IT this year. I wanted every darn paper they designed, and the fact that they had glow in the dark designs pretty much sealed the deal for me. Coolest papers at the show, hands down.

More wallpaper designs after the jump . . .

Images above: As always, Flavor Paper had some fun and edgy designs. They worked Biggie into one design. Well done, FP.

Image above: I loved this faux concrete wallpaper panel from Ella Doran.

Image above: Awesome neon papers from Juju in Portland

Images above: I loved the little bunnies hidden in Grow House Grow’s wallpaper above.

Images above: More beautiful designs from Flat Vernacular

Images above: These city print wallpapers from Yukari Sweeney would be adorable in a child’s room.

Pretty bird wallpaper from House of Hackney


Now I want to wallpaper my whole house! A different pattern on every wall, ceiling, floor….

Melissa Kojima

I love, love, love wall paper soooo much. And the glow in the dark ones are just fabulous. It’d be so fun falling asleep to the glowing eyes one—or maybe, creepy? Heeheeheee. My favorite one is the soft blue paper with the ethereal looking rabbit among the flower bushes. Just divine.


Wow, the Flavor Paper with the skulls and skellies is fab-u-lous. It would be such a show-stopper in a powder room or, for me – anywhere.


Okay, so, that second one? With the lumps / mountains / scales? My brother had that in his bedroom starting in 1972. I thought my mom was crazy when she picked it, but now I know she was a visionary.