icff 2012: lighting

ICFF coverage is coming to a close, so I wanted to get a few last minute favorites in before the week is over. There were some really fantastic new lighting designs this year, so I rounded up my favorites for a lighting extravaganza. If you have the space to hang some of these, please do. That paperclip-shaped pendant is calling my name… xo, grace

Image above: Hand woven paper lamps by Tomomi Sayuda

Image above:
Colorful anglepoise lamps from Tse & Tse

Image above: Lindsey Adelman‘s big piece was breathtaking. Seriously, you have to see these in real life to take in how spectacular they are.

Image above: Cute ice cream cone lights from Alex Garnett

More lighting (shaped like bats!) after the jump…

Images above: Yellow Office Landscape made incredible bulbs shaped like birds, fish and animals. What I thought was a bunny ended up being a bat you hang upside down.

Images above: Dramatic lighting from Roll & Hill

Image above: Modern chandelier from Soren Rose Studio

Images above: Old records get a new life as lamps from GIN art & design

Images above: Beautiful glass lighting from Sklo

Image above: Light-weight wooden pendants from from WEP

Image above: Hanging pendants from Studio Dunn

Image above: Lights from Craig Jenkins


Amazing! So inspirational! Things in lighting have changed so
much in the last five years..The creativity has exploded! great
piece here, thanks for sharing it!

frances pelzman liscio

I love looking at all this beautiful new lighting–it’s so inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing these lights with us; I can never get enough lighting posts because I am having so much difficulty finding the right lighting for my arts and crafts/stickley style home. Nothing seems to work, and period lighting feels heavy and doesn’t give enough light.
I think some of the lights featured above would be so much more exciting.

Tracey MacKenzie

The Hand woven paper lamps by Tomomi Sayuda are absolutely awesome!! They remind me of the paper orb light DIY you posted a while back! Most cool!!!


I adore Craig jenkins’s lights….so inspiring: the shapes, the essential design, the materials.


The lamps are amazingly stylish. They are perfect for a condo design due to its elegant features. Very artistic creation. All I can simply say is that, they are fantastic and fabulous.


Grace, thank you for these posts! I used to attend the show, but am now a SAHM and this has made my day:)