icff 2012: geometric designs

by Grace Bonney

It’s time for ICFF again! This year’s show wasn’t quite as packed as years past (in terms of things I wanted to cover), but I definitely spotted some geometric designs that I not only wanted to write about but also hide in my bag and take home. I’m sure this angular trend will wind down at some point, but right now triangles, trapezoids and any other right-angle-type shape you can name is hot. My favorites are above and below, but stay tuned for more geometry at the stationery show soon . . . xo, grace

Images above: I loved this little pavilion created by the students from Parsons.

Image above: These USB drives were so, so gorgeous. I wanted 10 of them immediately. They were $100 a piece, though, so I left empty-handed. Argh. “Empty Memory” was designed by Yookyung Shin.

Image above: Geometric lights from the always awesome Iacoli and McAllister

Images above: More gorgeous geometric pieces from Egg Collective. That table. Oh man, that table. I want to make out with it. And the little tables? They adjust higher or lower by turning them. Swoon.

More new design after the jump . . .

Image above: Geometric candleholders from Iacoli and McAllister

Image above: Designs by Egg Collective

Images above: Geometric furniture from Bend. I love that table base.

Image above: Colin Wilson’s geometric blocks

Image above: Another detail of “Empty Memory” by Yookyung Shin

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