icff 2012: copper + brass

by Grace Bonney

I have to admit that I’m being a bit selfish kicking off today’s trade-show coverage with stories about neon and metal detailing. Mostly because those were my personal favorite trends and ones I’m always dying to see. My first ICFF post includes my favorite booth and pieces from the show, all created by Egg Collecive, a design studio in Brooklyn. If I could have taken any pieces from the entire show home, it would have been everything (and I mean everything) from their booth. There was sort of a ’70s geometric vibe happening with all their pieces, and their use of metallic detailing definitely sent me over the edge.

There are tons of other great copper, brass and gold details around the show, so I hope you’ll enjoy today’s first look at ICFF trends for 2012. xo, grace

Image above: My favorite lighting piece from the entire show. A chandelier from Egg Collective in Brooklyn.

Image above: The Northumbria University’s Designers in Residence’s Tools for Everyday Life section (say that 10 times fast) is quickly becoming my favorite booth every year. It’s always full of tiny objects that I immediately want to stash in my bag and take home. These copper rivet lights by David Irwin were a favorite for sure.

Image above: More from the Northumbria section — Tatsuya Akita’s copper-detailed desk accessories.

Images above: Copper pieces from Blu Dot

Image above: Brass and gold detailing at Lindsey Adelman’s booth

Ten more new images continue after the jump . . .

Image above: Brass detailing on hanging pendants from Roll & Hill by Jonah Takagi

Images above: Brass detailing on furniture from Volk in Brooklyn

Images above: Neil Conley’s Batchstick (it holds matches and you can strike them on the side of the tube and then use the bottom to create a wax seal)

Image above: Brass detailing in stools from Rich Brilliant Willing

Image above: I loved the brass detailing on the legs from this table by VONNEGUT/KRAFT

Image above: Detail of Lindsey Adelman’s candlesticks

Image above: Colin Wilson’s Wedges

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