icff 2012: best of the rest

It’s always a little sad to reach the end of my photos from Design Week each year, but here we are again. Today I’m posting the last of my ICFF photos and celebrating some of the beautiful installations and furniture that were on display. This post is full of great color and pattern ideas, so I hope you’ll find some inspiration and keep track of the designers featured here. These pieces usually take a while to make it into stores after the show, but you should start seeing them around town this fall. Thanks again to all the designers who inspired us this year. xo, grace

Image above: Molo’s softwall in a striking cobalt blue

Beautiful seating upholstered in overdyed rugs. I sadly lost the card for this booth. Anyone know which company this was? Update: looks like this was by Golran or Stepevi (thanks!)

Adorable wooden popsicles by Mauro Savoldi and Johnn Hermann

I loved all the blues in Kyoto Rakushian’s booth.

One of my favorite things from the show: little mountain candles by be candle.

More new design from ICFF 2012 after the jump . . .

Gorgeous blue rugs by Anita Bell, based on her photography of seascapes

A beautiful wooden head and headboard by Vonnegut/Kraft

Marble. Swoon. Design by Christopher Roy

Milk crate seating from ComboColab

I loved the speckled Corian detailing on this wooden desk from Vonnegut/Kraft.

It’s rare to see beautiful record storage options, but this cabinet from Symbol Audio is just that.

A great wall hook and candlesticks from 322C

Super clever bike rack/bench from Eugene Duclos

I LOVED the detailing on this piece from the Matthew Hilton/De La Espada booth.

Tse & Tse marbled books. So pretty.

More from Kyoto Rakushian’s booth


My favorite would have to be the ombre+bleach spot pillows. I want to recreate with a bucket of dye followed with teaspoons of bleach. Is this the correct approach or what/


The rugs and furniture covered in the antique over-dyed rugs is Golran. They were the first ones to bring these rugs to the US (they are the resource for ABC Carpet & Home) and are now venturing into furniture. We carry their line in my showroom in Austin, TX. They are the best!

Jess Tasker

Oh Matthew Hilton. He never, ever disappoints. That is a totally new take on ‘dove-tail’ joinery.


I have an old chest with machine-cut dovetails like that (round/scalloped) but I haven’t seen it used recently, and definitely not in such a featured way. Super beautiful!!


Love the bike rack/bench! Cannot help but wondering how on earth one puts a wooden popsicle to good use though…

Kate Hayes

The Kyoto Rakushian textiles and marble Christopher Roy piece are favorites! Love! Thanks for sharing.


That milkcrate design is great. Love seeing everyday objects take on new identities, and the mighty milk crate is a great subject for that! So inspiring… : )