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When summer comes, I love rolling up the heavy winter wool rugs and swapping them out for something softer and lighter. These patterned rugs are handmade by Lydia Trott using 100% reclaimed fabrics. Each small rug is machine washable and would be perfect to use in a bathroom, kitchen or entryway. I really love the patterns Lydia managed to create while still keeping a soft, worn color palette. You can check out the full reversible, 2 x 3 foot collection of rugs and shop online right here. xo, grace


rugs are so hard to find, these are beautiful! thanks for sharing:)


To be honest I never thought of having different rugs depending on the season (am I alone in this?) but I guess it makes sense. It stills feels like winter where I live so I have some time to find a pretty cortton rug.