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diy project: fresh flower pin

by Kate Pruitt

Today’s second project is another submission, and it provides a very nice contrast to our first project: Nick’s wood knife rack is rough and rugged, while this versatile flower pin DIY from Portland, Oregon-based florist Anna Mara is soft, pretty and feminine. I love the idea of taking a big, fresh bloom and using it as an accessory, especially on a bag or clutch. This project would be perfect for weddings, parties or any day you need an extra dose of prettiness. Thanks so much for sharing, Anna! — Kate

If you’re lucky enough to live in the Portland, OR, area, Anna is starting a flower share on May 17th, which gives people the opportunity to sign up for a 1o-week sampling of fresh, local, seasonal flowers for only $15 a week! Click here to find out more.

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Read the full how-to after the jump . . .

I am excited to re-introduce the corsage as a sweet flower pin accessory. You can make these sweet pins with almost any bloom that’s hearty enough. I think it looks so cute attached to a skinny belt, a sweet clutch, or a blazer. — Anna


  • white football mum (or any flower you choose)
  • clippers
  • wire
  • wire cutters
  • pins
  • tape



    1. Cut stem about an inch from the head of the bloom.

    2. Thread a floral wire through the base of the stem right below the head of the bloom.

    3. Fold the wire along the sides of the stem.

    4. Using floral tape, pinch with your thumb and forefinger and pull the tape taught as you twist the stem to wrap the wire and stem.

    5. Use wire cutters to cut the taped wired stem about 1″ from the head of the flower, leaving enough stem to easily attach to your accessory.

    6. Use two pins to adhere to your shirt, bag, belt, etc.



    Photography by Peter Koptiuch and Vanessa Rheder
    Styling by Anna Mara and Vanessa Rheder at Wanderlust
    Props (vintage purple dress, woven handbag and white clutch) from Wanderlust

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