crowded teeth: fancy stamp ring

I am an unabashed supporter of Kickstarter. It has introduced me to some of my favorite projects and continues allowing independent makers to fund their dreams, big and small. In the world of small (in terms of size) dreams, this awesome stamp ring from Michelle Romo at Crowded Teeth is a new favorite of mine. This project doesn’t need to be over thought — it’s an adorable ring with interchangeable stamps that you can use to leave notes on anything. I’ve never met a cute stamp I didn’t like, so this one is definitely going on my funding list. If you want to read more about the ring, click here to check it out. xo, grace

*PS: I’m recording two radio shows today, so I’m ending a little early this afternoon (12pm instead of 1pm). Starting tomorrow, I’ll be sharing our pictures and posts from this year’s ICFF and National Stationery Show.


It’s early so forgive me if I’m having a dumb moment, but won’t the words be backwards???

Michelle Romo

Hey K! On the stamp side (grey rubber) the image is reversed so it will stamp properly. The wood side is for display – not for stamping so it isn’t reversed.

Melissa Kojima

Oh, me, oh my! I love it. Tweeted it and hope it helps with the funding. Just ingenious. I mean doesn’t everyone need a stamp ring?! Heheeheehee!


Beautiful. The space between the “b” and the “l” holds great meaning.