canvas & canvas

When it comes to artwork, I try to save up as much and as often as I can to buy originals. But not everyone wants to go the piggy bank route, so I’m always happy that there are options for everyone who’d prefer a print, or stretched canvas piece that suits their budget right away. These pieces above and below are from Canvas & Canvas, an Australian company that specializes in colorful stretched (and un-stretched) canvas pieces painted by local artists. They make limited edition runs of 99 for each style and pricing ranges from $93- $371 (converted to USD) for small to large prints. I really love their abstract designs, but the shoes above are probably my favorite. Perhaps because I’m still bummed I couldn’t afford this painting back in the day. Oh shoes, you’re the best. Click here to check out and shop their collection online. xo, grace

Peggy Pardo

As a lover of shoes, the first piece caught my eye. I’ve been looking for some pieces to fill my blank walls, but grew tired of finding the same things. Visited their site and was happy to discover something NEW! Thank you for sharing. I must do some shopping now!

Michael Cutler

They are amazing, loving the hand painted vibe at that price!

Bobbie Akerlund-Kotas

I love the ball jar print, where can I find it?

Mike Davis

Thanks for the kind post Grace! If you are outside Australia and interested in purchasing, stay tuned via our website and Facebook (, as we will be accepting international orders in the near future.
Canvas & Canvas x


I *really* wish Canvas & Canvas said which artists created which pieces. Those owls are all too similar to work by unitedthread on etsy from a few years ago, but less colorful…

Grace Bonney


i agree that i’d like the artists to be named. that would be a valuable and important addition to make in terms of supporting those artists.



does anybody know who designs those shoes ? ineed to know ASAP !


Thanks for giving me the heads up on this company. Loving that shoe design! As a designer in Melbourne, I love finding new suppliers on blog’s like this. Thanks DS.


My firstborn to someone who can tell me where I can get something similar to the floral and burgundy shoe in the first print.

Grace Bonney


yikes! i’ll look into this asap- i hadn’t heard this- they emailed me and claimed to have relationships with all the artists so i assumed they were telling the truth :(


Michelle Morin

Thank you so much to everyone who brought this to my attention.

I was contacted by someone last May about this. I immediately got in touch with Canvas and Canvas and while on their site noticed right away I was not the only one whose work had been stolen. They explained they had been mislead by a local designer and took the owls off their site. I thought that was the end of it! However, someone recently informed me through their dealings with them that C&C are still making the owls available behind the scenes.

Although this is certainly a frustrating situation to have to navigate through for any artist, I do feel lucky to have so many fellow artists and fans looking out. Thanks again for having my back!


Grace Bonney

Hi Everyone,

I’m so sorry to hear about this. I’m debating whether or not to amend this post or just remove it all together. Michelle, I’m so sorry this happened. I was told a very different story by the company so I was assuming they had your permission, I’m so upset to hear they did not.


Georje Jose

Love this all images. i love canvas paintings. Actually i need canvas painting so i found it and i got your blog by Google Search. Really awesome.