brimfield 2012: what we brought home

by Amy Azzarito

This weekend Amy and I embarked on what must have been the most epic Mother’s Day weekend ever. Both of our moms came from Virginia and joined us on a mother-daughter Brimfield flea market weekend, followed by brunch (and more plant shopping) at the newly opened Terrain at Westport, CT. We lucked out and got the most beautiful weather I’ve ever experienced at Brimfield and managed to score some fantastic pieces, despite visiting at the end of the show week. Like always, we thought we’d share some of the fun pieces that came back with us (and some we wish had). I can’t wait to find new homes for all of these oldies-but-goodies. xo, grace and amy

Image above: This Greek medallion once graced the wall of a Boston theater. It now lives in Williamsburg with Amy.

Images above: Grace’s haul — antique cobalt poison bottles and a painted table

Image above: Azzaritos on the left, Bonneys on the right

Image above: If I’d had an extra $1200 burning a hole in my pocket, this vintage carousel mirror would have been MINE. — grace

Image above: A World War II metal army trunk. Amy is going to line the inside with felt and use it to store dishes.

See 20+ images of our favorites from Brimfield after the jump . . .


Image above: My jewelry splurges. The Victorian onyx earrings on the left were a 31st bday present from my mom, and the Victorian watch pin (which I’m turning into a necklace) is on the right.

Image above: A little vintage papier-mâché bunny

Image above: Amy’s odds and ends: a vintage fishing creel, candlesticks, hooks and an enamel tray.

Image above: We fell in love with these peach planters and bought them for the office.

Image above: Old timey bikes with old timey riders.

Image above: I loved the color of the chipped paint on these garden chairs.

Image above: I wish I’d had an excuse to take this home . . .

Image above: Very heavy — but pretty — metal curtain tie backs (looked, but didn’t buy)

Image above: A plastic bag got stuck to the bottom of our car and melted there. It smelled awful. I had to crawl under and peel it off.

Image above: Southern Lady door knocker. Wish I’d gotten this.

Image above: Amy and her plastic bird have a moment. I had a moment with a championship belt.

Image above: Amy and her mom. So darn cute.

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  • So bummed I didn’t get to Brimfield this year! Looks like you ladies had a blast and found some good pickins. What a fun Mother’s Day weekend!

  • Fun pics!

    What I’m really responding to though is your last post about heading off to Brimfield and your comment about ” pushy dealers “,

    I am a dealer, female: I have had several stores in my career and attended countless shows ( as a vendor and a buyer ) and while I agree that dealers are not often nice to one another, I certainly have never been pushy with customers!

    I sell all over this vast country and I pride myself in treating everyone fairly, with respect, and warm smile and good conversation. My husband and I go above and beyond to educate and help our clientele make informed decisions about items we sell. We love our life… We love meeting people and I doubt very highly that there is one single customer out there in 25 years that would describe us as ” pushy ”

    I do enjoy design sponge!
    I love seeing how far it has come over the years.

  • I think it’s great that Four&Twenty is not a pushy dealer, but there ARE pushy dealers out there. No one said that she specifically was a pushy dealer, so I don’t really see the purpose in commenting and proving that you’re not a pushy dealer. It seems pushy to leave a comment saying you’re NOT pushy. Kinda like if you say you’re humble, you’re really not.

  • Love the carousel mirror too…although I’m not exactly sure why. Ah, Brimfield …someday! Are you going to share the new Terrain pictures? (Puh-leeee-zzzz?)

  • Looks like you all had an awesome time! I love all of the treats you scored! I really liked ‘seeing’ you guys in this post! I really hope to see more in the future! I’m also really excited to see more of the new D*S office! :-)

  • Can we please see Amy’s before and after of the trunk? I have two of those here and I want to redo them. Ours are made of wood, not metal! So we’ll be sanding and stuff, but would love to see how she does the inside.

  • So fun seeing your pics! And that you brought you mums! Sorry we didn’t see you guys. We had fun too – so much good stuff. But you must have been there thurs – tues and wed it rained cats and dogs! Have fun with your new treats gals!

  • Those peach planters are AH-MAZING! Love them. Glad you got them for the office. Dying to see pics of the office, by the way

  • As always, your Brimfield post fills me with jealousy! I am putting a trip up there on the top of my wish list! Luckily, I also went to the new Terrain- I grew up in Westport and was thrilled when my mom told me about the new store in town she wanted to check out. We had a great lunch and I bought…many…things- more than a few brands were ones that I first heard about here on D*S – so thanks!

  • If any one lives in the MidWest, you should check out the flea market at Shipshewana, Indiana. Known as Shipshe Sale, it is 40+ acres of fun, and the best part is the auction. It is held midweek-a hold over from the livestock auction that used to be held there. I grew up going there, and even talked a dealer into donating her wedding dress to the high school drama dept! It is convenient to Chicago, Detroit and Toledo–lots of fun!

  • Good stuff–love all the posts today. Amy’s mom must have been 12 when she had her!! hahaha

  • I had that happen to my car too. Got most of it off, but some was melted on and smelled like rubber burning.

  • Last year you guys did such a comprehensive recap on the trends you saw at Brimfield – I really wanted to see more and more. The best part is to see what you guys (and other people) bring home. I love that this year you spent Mother’s Day with your moms there. I liked seeing that WWII metal army trunk and was wondering if you guys thought the same as me? I see a military trend emerging. The industrial trend still had a huge presence as it has for the past 3 years there, but I saw so many military pieces: trunks, lockers, aviator parts, things marked “Property of US Gov’t.” With “industrial” so mainstream, I wondered if possibly the Army/military thing will have wings. I know that Military was big on Fall 2012 fashion runways (i.e. Marc by Marc Jacobs). Thoughts?

  • i love you guys and read everything! on my bucket list is to hit brimfield with weather like you four had. what fun! thank you for continuing to inspire me daily!!!

  • I was there on Friday–gorgeous day! I found a few little trinkets, mostly for food photo props. I made the mistake of going by myself for the first time, which actually hampered my treasure hunting. Overwhelm! Sounds like the perfect mother-daughter weekend. But so much fun. Did you try the donuts???

  • Concerning cecilia’s comments on a “military trend”….I’ve bought and sold militaria for years. Although a trend would appear to be good from a selling standpoint, I really dislike seeing original history destroyed by someone repainting/repurposing original items especially if the item is named to veteran and researchable. That’s how history is being lost. My 2 cents….

  • I have a trunk exactly like the one you got. It was my dad’s that went everywhere with him during WWII. His name, parent’s address (in case it had to be shipped back to next of kin–thankfully, it didn’t), and dog tag number was stenciled on the side. Does yours have someone’s name on it? If not, then it may be one that was never used by a soldier.

  • wow!…this is a really good re-cap of the Brimfield shows. Been looking for such a site. Well i,ve been a dealer and a buyer at many of the shows,and i like hearing both sides. I would say “militaria” is warming to the forefront. Its been real hot to the japanese and asian buyers(mostly fabric) But what a wonderful piece of history to incorporate into our environments. Last show i bought a …. hey i gotta go…there,s a picker in my driveway right now……Whats Hot? …ORANGE!

  • I realize this is an old posting, but I’m making plans for Brimfield July 2013 and am curious if you have recommendations on specific fields/shows to hit? What are your favorites?