botanical portraits

I love it when projects that start as a hobby or a side job turn into a new business. Francis Ooi, a creative director in Singapore and amateur photographer, needed to fill a wall in his home, so he started obsessing about taking botanical photographs. His obsession turned into a botanical portrait blog and brand new shop. His weekly runs turned into nature walks where he would document the foliage around her. Now those photographs are for sale online. I love how clean and simple the photos are; they really let you focus on the curves, lines and shapes that form in nature as plants grow and die. Francis is selling his prints right here for $30, and you can check out his botanical blog right here for more inspiration. xo, grace


These are wonderful. They remind me a bit of Karl Blossfeldt, but have a much lighter feeling – even though they are so minimal – that comes through. I love the story behind these pieces. It’s funny how moments spent away from desk/work etc lead to such inspiration. The top image looks handcolored – it’s exquisite! Thanks for the introduction. : )


I have the same problem with my cat, Frances–vets always think she’s a boy. She doesn’t seem to mind, though.

Those portraits are just so lovely.


these are beautiful, I’ve recently decided to go with a Victorian science explorer botanical theme so I’m excited to see these prints! but…this sentence confused the heck out of me “His weekly runs turned into nature walks where she would document the foliage around her. “

PatriciaF | unfound door

These are beautiful. Really like them – they remind me of those painstaking Victorian botanical watercolours.
Although count me in also on the mixed-pronoun-confusion train — please pick one! (or at least one per sentence.)
As a general rule of thumb, isn’t “Francis” with an “i” male (eg Sir Francis Drake, St Francis of Assisi) and “Frances” with an “e” female (eg Frances Hodgson Burnett, Frances Bean Cobain)?


“his” blog… not her. thanks! beautiful work!

Miss Heliotrope

Pretty, but still of confused sex…