Apps for Organization

I’ll admit, my memory is not my strong suit. My life revolves around lists. (I’ll even put “make new to do list” on my to do list so I remember to update the list . . . it’s pretty pathetic.) With a memory that doesn’t span more than a few hours, it is crucial that I create list after list to ensure that everything I need to do is actually getting done. While there are many options (both tech and non-tech) that can help you stay organized and on schedule, I prefer some of the wonderful organization tools and apps for my phone.

So I created a list (no pun) on My Life Scoop of the apps that help keep my life in order. Click here for some of my favorite organizational tools, and please share your tips and tricks for accomplishing your daily tasks. Enjoy! — Stephanie



Hmmm…totally getting the “404 Not Found” error when I click on your links today. Help? Love the blog by the way and I, too, am a listmaking person. :)


Links don’t seem to be working? Maybe it’s just me


The links don’t seem to be working at the moment…


I’m getting “The requested URL /featured-stories/2012/05/helpful-organizational-apps.html was not found on this server.”


As a lifelong list maker (and user) I’d love to look at your apps list, but get a 404 Not Found error from both links. Are they broken or is it my server? Thanks in advance for checking.


nothing for android? would have been nice if you had mentioned that prior to me wasting the time, check almost every link, only to find it is for iphone only.


thanks for the suggestion!! i love anything that will help organize my busy life better!!



I love a new blog to read and anything that features a “Best Organisational Apps” usually gets added to my reader.


I have an HTC Incredible (Android device) and I can get the PageOnce app…didn’t try the others since my money is what needs kept track of the most! Hope that helps. Most apps are cross platform now.


I second the recommendation for Clear just bought it and I prefer it to TeuxDeux because it doesn’t revolve around a physical date which is what I prefer (I have a physical day planner for such things) Both Clear and TuexDuex are super beautiful though. Also I really love the concept of Everclear but I haven’t really gotten my head wrapped around it yet haha

mandy ginsberg

ummm can someone post the correct link? So annoying that I can’t find the list!

Kate Pruitt

Hi Mandy – Sorry about that, the date was switched around to the link changed without us knowing. The links are fixed and it should be all good. Sorry for the mixup, and thank you for your patience!