after the jump: brooklyn flea interview (mp3)

Every now and then, something pops up in a city that profoundly affects the creative community. Etsy and Third Ward have played a big part in Brooklyn’s creative scene, and more recently the Brooklyn Flea has become one of the biggest incubators and supporters for new businesses. I’ve been following the Flea since day one (I even curated a small section the first few weeks it was open) and have been so impressed with how it has grown to encompass multiple locations and new themes like a food-based market called Smorgasburg.

For me, the Brooklyn Flea is an example of what I hope all cities will do: find a way to support and celebrate local talent and provide a launching pad for small artisan-based businesses. The Flea’s co-founders, Eric Demby and Jonathan Butler (aka Mr. Brownstoner), were kind enough to sit down with me yesterday to talk about everything from how they started and curated to what their plans are for the future, and it was such a blast. If you want to hear a really great story about people who see a need and find a way to provide it, you should definitely download and listen. Eric and Jonathan are FULL of great ideas, and I can’t wait to see what they do next. xo, grace

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i’m so excited this is your topic! downtown houston just started a flea at discovery green and we’re hoping & praying it grows into something that resembles the brooklyn flea. can’t wait to listen.


Cincinnati started one last year, too. The founders, Nick & Lindsay lived most recently in New York & am pretty sure the Brooklyn Flea was part of their inspiration. Ours isn’t nearly as large, but it’s definitely growing, and is always well-curated.