When Kate sent me this email she said, “Yep, big knots. I love it!” And that about sums it up for me. Kate and I have a major weakness for knotted designs, and this sweet plaited floor cushion is no exception. Inspired by traditional weaving and basket-making techniques, Knotty (designed by Kumeko in Prague) is made from soft jersey tubes stuffed with foam. The inner lining of the cushion is filled with polystyrene balls so the seat can constantly adjust and mold to your body shape. Comfy and cute? Sign me up. Click here for more info and to see more images online. xo, grace


love it! its very modern, yet you could use it in a cool nautical setting. very cute!


Another beautiful knot design comes from Unemi in Iceland, pillows called Notknot. These are so beautiful and have been on my wish list now for a while.

See here:


Oh yes I truly love big knots too – love the play on scale, it’s really fun and minimal too, and I bet it’s ever so comfy to sit upon. Katie. xxx