weekly wrap up + geometric inlay

Remember the crazy awesome geometrics happening at Anthro? Here are the final bits and pieces that are my favorite, ranging from gorgeous hardware knobs to coasters, trivets and bottle openers/corkscrews (which are all resin inlay, not paint). Using all of this in one room would drive me crazy, but one of these pieces would be great as a little accent in the kitchen. I’m entertaining a group of 10 women in the D*S offices today for our weekly Biz Ladies lunches, so I’m tempted to pick up the bottle opener for our water and lemonade bottles. Though after a long week, I could see how these would come in handy for some adult post-lunch beverages.

I’ve got to run and set up the table, so I’ll see you all back here on Monday. I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! xo, grace

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:


I saw these coasters at Anthro and was really excited about them until I read what they are made of…bone and even more disheartening…HORN! I am very disappointed that Anthro would sell something that promotes animal cruelty, illegal slaughtering, and unsustainable practices. The designs are great, but sadly I can’t support their decision to offer these for sale. :(


I’m looking for a beautiful set of coasters and I was interested until I read Alex’s comment :( They are beautifully designed none the less, with the geometric inlay. And so my search continues !


Those coasters are beautiful! I’m sure Alex didn’t consider that the bone might be a by product of the burgers we eat all the time. If I’m not mistaken some cows have horns and billions of people eat millions of cows and the horns might start to pile up after a while! Why not make beautiful frames, coasters, key chains and other wonderfully cute things out of said horn instead of throwing it into landfeilds or burning it into our air supply. Just a thought.


I can’t even imagine the amount of bone left after feeding the planets population meat. If these products are sourced from poorer countries (or any country) there is no way that the animal was used only to make a coaster or a bottle opener! If we are to kill animals for ANY use (food, leather etc) then the whole animal should be used. These things are beautiful and most likely not from ‘illegal slaughtering’.


Of course, Ivory from elephants is a different story. It is not horn.