soft and simple

I love the look of really minimal ceramics. Unlike most normal people who use pieces like this for entertaining, I use them for my cat. While these are certainly pretty enough for human guests, I like to fancy up my cat’s life whenever possible (not that he cares), and little dishes like these make feeding him more enjoyable, at least for me. Urban Cartel designed these small dishes, which are for sale at Etsy for about $31 a piece. If you’re not looking for a pretty way to serve Fancy Feast to an animal, they’d be great for displaying jewelry, too.

*PS: I like the sweet little vase below. I love that the Japanese pattern on the side looks like a zipper from an angle.


I used to have a cute little ceramic bowl for my cat, it did strangely make feeding the cat more enjoyable! Unfortunately one of my dogs jumped up at the cats feeding area one day and it smashed, was not happy! They’re beautiful though! I’d definitely buy something like that for my cats!


My husband is a ceramicist, so serving our cats on pottery was always the standard. Our two little snobs always appreciated it, so I say there’s nothing wrong with using nice pieces like these for cats!

On another note, cats really do love unfinished pottery. Our cat Munchausen would spend hours licking the unglazed edges of some of my husband’s pieces, particularly the two bowls on our coffee table. Something about the way the rough clay body feels and “sucks up” moisture apparently is a really satisfying thing for cats to lick. Who knew?


true, we get people buying random items in our shop for pets, planting in and all kinds of uses we never thought of.

Tricia Rose

It makes sense to get a pleasing bowl for the cat, because it is always on view – full of yucky mush, but what is perfect?


Beautiful! nice soft colours and the japanese pattern of the vase is so lovely!