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sneak peek: joshua and jodie steen

by Shannon Grant

To create a home with a clean look that was also comfortable for family living, Joshua and Jodie Steen have spent the last five years cultivating their Williamsburg apartment into a space that they describe as “Brooklyn modern meets mid-century.” Whether it was one of Joshua’s DIY shelving projects or trying 10 different shades of paint before finding the perfect color, they stuck to their vision, and the result is a sophisticated home that is suitable for their growing family. Joshua and Jodie own Lusternyc.com, an online gallery representing today’s leading photographers with the mission of bringing amazing contemporary photographic works to the masses by offering limited-edition prints at affordable prices. Thank you, Joshua and Jodie, and congrats on the new addition to your family! Shannon

Image above: Josh and I went on an exhaustive search for the perfect couch. I wanted comfort, he wanted style, and we found both in a couch from Room and Board. When it arrived, we quickly found out that it wouldn’t fit up the stairs! I was crying on the front steps thinking that we would have to start all over when a neighbor suggested calling Dr. Sofa. They came and chopped the sofa into pieces and rebuilt it in our space.

Image above: These shelves were custom built by Joshua. With no experience in carpentry, Joshua decided to take on this massive project. He had a vision, and they turned out even better than either of us imagined. It’s the perfect place to display our collection of objects and books.

See more of Joshua and Jodie Steen’s Brooklyn home after the jump . . .

Image above: This vintage fan is a perfect example of Josh’s style — old, industrial, a little gritty. I love it paired next to the refined mid-century modern credenza. The credenza was my pick, a beautiful Danish modern rosewood piece.

Image above: Josh and I love cooking and entertaining, so having a dedicated dining space is one of the things I love most about our home. Whether for family dinners, romantic meals together, or for entertaining, I wanted this space to feel elegant and special. The wall color is a custom color that we call “Steen Blue.” We found a fashion spread in a magazine that had the color as a background and thought it would be perfect on the wall. So we sampled the color and had it mixed up — it’s perfect!

Image above: This is the heart of the home. Not only do we cook and eat here, but it’s also our daughter Honor’s favorite place to do art projects. It’s usually home to play dough, watercolor paintings, felt projects and more!

Image above: We got this rocker when Honor was born. It’s great because it functions as a rocker but also a petit chair for extra seating in the living room.

Image above: We wanted the nursery to feel fun and modern. So many nurseries are whites, creams, and pale colors, and we decided to go a totally different direction, instead choosing light gray walls with pops of saturated colors, mostly hot pink and yellow, with blues, greens, and oranges as accents. The white and walnut furniture adds a touch of sophistication.

Image above: This is another of Josh’s handy projects! The corner felt like unused space with the way the door opened, so Josh had the idea to build narrow bookcases from floor to ceiling. It accommodates several books deep, and looks really cool when arranged by color (not that it always stays that way!)

Image above: We wanted the bedroom to feel like a restful retreat, so the bedroom is mostly whites and neutrals. I scored a beautiful Sferra sheets and duvet set, which works perfectly with the wallpaper, at the Sferra sample sale in Chelsea market. The opposite wall displays a large 30×40 print from Graham Lott’s rose series, which brings pink in as the accent color. You would think pink could look too feminine, but I think in this case it looks sophisticated and unexpected.

Image above: We literally painted the bathroom 10 different times until we landed on this color, which ironically is a neutral color. Instead we went with strong accent colors, a bright orange and blue. The accents were inspired by the butterfly collection, especially the orange and light blue butterfly.

Image above: Joshua and I traveled to Vietnam a few years back, and this was one of our treasures that we hauled home. We found this in a market in Hoi An, and we loved the different colors of all the butterflies — orange; rich, dark blue; a lighter blue; and even browns and yellows. It inspired the naturalism theme of the bathroom, as well as the color scheme.

Image above: Our daughter, Honor, at play in the living room. She just became a big sister, as we welcomed another little girl, baby Arden Grey, to the world!

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  • just love the kid’s room bookshelf and the bathroom butterfly art. the gray and white palette gives your home a real sense of serenity and peace, but with a touch of colorful fun!

  • OK, I’ll be the first in a line of many to wonder: what is the name of that blue paint color? It is so beautiful. It looks amazing with their dining room furniture too.

  • What a wonderful and inspiring home! Hooray for DIY carpenter folk! I’m almost at completion for a very similar looking bookcase. Glad to see that the insanity of taking on such a big project does pay off. Now you’ve inspired me to paint the back shelves of mine black, too…

    I would love to know the source for your living room rug!

  • So… what IS the perfect paint color in the bathroom? A custom mix or one that can be had by others? Also, love the nursery furniture… what is your source?

  • Beautiful! So well-done and it makes me feel a little better about my own design pace in that you guys took your time to make everything feel just perfect. Also wondering where you got the gorgeous light fixture above your dining table? I’ve been looking and looking for something exactly like it – can you tell us where you got it? And thanks for sharing!

  • You have a beautiful home – all that shelving is great! I love the muted, neutral colors, natural woods, and how you managed to make it feel warm and welcoming! What paint color is that in your dining and living room??

  • Love the custom blue color. Looking for something very similar for my apartment to be a compliment to the red tones of one brick wall.

  • Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments! To answer all questions about sources:

    The bathroom color is Benjamin Moore Eagle Rock 1469
    Nursury furniture is Morigeau Lepine, sadly out of business now : (
    The light fixture above dining table was an antique find upstate, a 1940’s original glass fixture.
    The color in the living room (actually througout the apartment, except bathroom and dining room) is Benjamin Moore 1464
    Kitchen stools – White Furniture
    Shower curtain – Peachfrog on N. 10th, not sure of the designer though. The dining rug also is from Peachfrog, by Dwell
    Headboard – crate and barrel
    And yes, the dining room color is custom, which we refer to as “Steen Blue”

    We enjoyed sharing our home with you : )

  • I never knew there were companies that would chop up a sofa and rebuild it for you inside your apartment. That’s a clever business. But you’ll have to call them again if you ever move.

  • so… the BIG question – how does one come up with STEEN BLUE? Just gotta have some in my home! What magazine spread gave you the idea?

  • Joshua and Jody–any chance you could tell us who designed the bedroom wallpaper?
    perfect– there, but not there– wallpaper. The blue in the dining room is absolutely killing me. I have to have it so I will have to try to create it.

    I’m on my 6th year working in my big old house. Just found the perfect blue/gray. Thanks!!!!

  • love your home, color use and handy man projects. The butterfly art is lovely as well. Just a heads up– if your shower is well used and your art isn’t protected from humidity that beautiful piece won’t last long : ) (Had something similar happen to me)

  • Love, love, love! So fantastic to see a sophisticated use of color after so many white washed interiors. I also appreciated the honesty regarding how tough it can be to get the colors just right. So true! Thanks for sharing.

  • The sofa looks very comfortable and very stylish! I love those shelves too and the color of the paint in the living room is really beautiful yet subtle.

  • Beautiful home! I love the dining table but I don’t think you said where you got that. Any chance you’re willing to share?

  • Color of paint in the living room is gorgeous. Would you mind sharing were you got the two-toned curtains? I have been looking for some just like that.

  • is there anyway to get more info on the blue paint in the dining room. it is simply amazing, not to light not to dark. i know it is a custom color…any way you could tell us the mix, and what brand of paint?

  • On the quest for the perfect kitchen cabinet and would love to know where you got yours!

  • The dining table is a family heirloom, a personal fav of mine. The Castelli chairs were found separately at a junk store for $30 total if I recall! They didn’t know what they had. The coffee table is vintage from Cosmo Modern in Williamsburg. Curtains – West Elm. We love to mix vintage finds with mainstream purchases. I know there have been lots of questions on the paint! Full disclosure – having a background in color management helped! If you go to Klenosky Paint in Williamsburg they will sample a color for you and mix it up. Any paint store that has a spectrophotometer should be able to do it.

  • Thrilled to see your beautiful home. Ideal! Knowing you all, I am not at all surprised it is so charming. Welcome, Arden Grey. Now you have two beautiful girls.!

  • Any chance you could tell me what the combo of paint colors is? I’ve tried printing out the pics and the local stores can’t come anywhere close when using the color match feature many paint stores has?! Absolutely love it everything about your place!!

  • This looks so relaxing. Could you tell me where the rugs are from? And how they hold up to your daughters?!

  • Love everything about this–beautiful design! That blue in the dining room is perfect–do you have the benjamin moore codes for the paint color you used? Thanks!

  • So tonight is our last night in our apartment, as we are moving to Greenpoint. In the back of the closet (which we refer to as the garage!) I found the last can of steen blue. This is what it says on the can: color match N215-3B. BB 2oz24 3/4. BR 1oz 29 1/2. OY 20 1/2. Not sure if the last one should be 2oz 1/2. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

  • @Jodie Steen I would love to know the source of the bedroom wall paper. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

  • Thank you for sharing your home: it is such and inspiration! Lovely! I also have Giancarlo Piretti chairs in my dining room, in rosewood. I love your custom “Steen Blue”, simply gorgeous!

  • Would it be possible to find out the name of the deep blue color of their living room/dining room? I love it!

  • I’m with everyone else- is there a behind the door bookcase tutorial you could share? Thanks!! :-)