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sneak peek: jill malek

by Amy Azzarito

Just one year ago, graphic designer and pattern maker Jill Malek moved with her husband, Vram Malek, and their 2 1/2 year-old son to this Brooklyn Heights apartment, which is on the 22nd floor. Although Jill had lived in New York for ten years, her relationship with the city transformed; she had never lived quite so high. They have unobstructed views from Brooklyn through Queens to Staten. She can now watch planes on their flight path to La Guardia and feels closer to the moon and stars. That incredible feeling of living in the sky has found its way into Jill’s new patterns, and the primary decorating objective for the apartment has been to not obscure the view. But they also wanted a simple, clean and flexible living environment that would accommodate their active toddler.  Thanks, Jill and Vram! And a big thanks to Jami Saunders for the lovely photos! — Amy Azzarito

Image above: Our living room. The pillow on the left is by friend and fellow wallpaper designer, Eskayel. The oblong Paul Smith striped pillow in the center was made from the pants that my husband wore on our wedding day. We have a little collection of friend and amazing painter ROSTARR’s work on our walls.

Image above: A Danish chair we found in an antique store upstate, next to our son’s chair

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Image above: My son’s bed nook with Flux in demi-jour (part of my wallpaper collection) in the background. Hanging on the bed is a blanket created by my son’s maternal grandmother — he is surrounded by a lot of love.

Image above: The felt wall hanging was handmade by my son’s paternal grandmother. It’s made up of the alphabet in Armenian letters, and we try to sing it together daily. The Rabitt chair is by SAANA, an amazing Japanese architecture company that also produces gorgeous furniture.

Image above: One of my favorite recent drawings; it reminds me of an oversized abstract ear! We also have a great view of the Williamsburg Bridge from this vantage point.

Image above: Some of our inspiration design books. The elephant on top held the rings for my wedding, and the backdrop is Maidenhair in Red, one of my wallpaper patterns.

Image above: Our bedroom, with its view of the Verrazano Bridge. The oversized photo of our son was taken by Jami Saunders.

Image above: We try to put up my son’s artwork wherever we can. We also all clearly have the same taste in shoes.

Image above: Me in my kitchen, drinking a cup of my best friend, coffee. Luci Della Citta in Winter (which means “lights of the city”), one of my wallpaper patterns, is behind me. We are on the 22nd floor in a high-rise and wanted a pattern that would help reflect and play off of the light that comes into our apartment.

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