Now that the sun seems here to stay, my window plants are happily soaking up the extra rays. I’m usually content to crowd all of my terra cotta pots on a single windowsill, but hanging planters are starting to make a lot of sense to me. They free up counter space (which makes my cat happy), and many artists are making beautiful versions by hand that don’t cost an arm and a leg. This stoneware clay planter is from PUTIKmade at Etsy and has a finish called “black mountain.” I love the contrast between the dark, unglazed exterior and the shiny green glaze inside. If you don’t want to cultivate plants this summer, you could use these for cut flowers (the pots don’t have drainage holes, so be sure to add rocks or charcoal if you’re planting). Click here to check out (and shop) the full series online ($40 each). xo, grace

*If that interior glaze was a coral color, I’d have to buy a whole mess of these. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for new glaze colors in the future.


I really love these. No one seems to be doing anything similar yet in the UK or Europe. And shipping ceramics across the atlantic is too expensive. Hopefully we’ll see the trend jump across the pond soon!


Love the groggy texture of the clay! Goes very nicely with the rustic feel of the leather straps as well.