interior design

panther coffee

by Grace Bonney

When I started Design*Sponge, I used to note that I always felt like the weird girl in the room commenting on the couch in a movie rather than the plot. That feeling has stayed with me and hits me hard when I’m watching TV. The other night I was watching something on demand, so the same commercials were running over and over. In an American Express ad on small business, there was a shot of a wildly patterned coffee shop that I had to pause and Google. It turns out that the exterior belongs to Panther Coffee in Miami, FL. I found a ton of pictures and immediately remembered how much I love patterned buildings like this. They remind me of warmer weather; whenever I go to Los Angeles or a beach city, it seems like people take the time to paint their shops’ exteriors in bright colors or patterns. This one seemed particularly cheery, so I’m sharing some of my favorite photos here, taken by photographer Adam Goldberg. I hope they perk up your morning as much as your cup of coffee. xo, grace

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  • That’s how I am with makeup and wardrobe in movies… it’s good to know somebody else is distracted, ha.

  • If you ever visit Miami, that entire area is covered with amazing patterns and graphics on many of the buildings. Its the up and coming art district of Miami, complete with monthly art walks and other cultural events. This is just a small taste of the incredible imagery of the Wynwood niche of Miami.

  • had to chuckle when I read this post. My husband always laughs at me because I always make comments like, “ooh, what a great wall color!” or “look at those windows!” and “that is a fabulous kitchen!” while watching movies. I’m more absorbed by the set decorating than the actual storyline. Glad to know I’m not the only one.

  • Went there a few months ago while visiting Miami. There’s some great art on the side of the building by Barry McGee, who also painted the pattern. In fact, the whole neighborhood is full of giant murals like this. It was my favorite part of the city!

  • I too paused the TV and took photos of that coffee shop, but mainly because it is a Barry McGee mural.

  • You should check out primaryflight.com and primaryprojectspace.com. they are the organization responsible for the majority of the murals in the wynwood arts district and the miami design district. Locals really make their own city.

  • Cat–that is sad. We go there frequently but have been away and are about to return to the area next week. So bummed to hear someone ruined it.

  • I had an immediate self to text connection with this article. Thank you! I love the opening part about you feeling weird for commenting on a set I stead of plot. I’m right there with you. I adore noticing the details & at that I also adore beautifully painted buildings! Thank you.

  • I completely understand! I’ll gasp at a very anti-climatic scene, and people stare at me. All I can say is “did you see that light fixture?! Quick, go back!” My husband thankfully has grown used to this.

  • This place is really close to my home. I am going down to see it when I am in the neighbor hood, Thanks. I really like this place because coffee shops should be fun places.