paint chip table runners

I’ve really got to let my love of graduated color changes go continue to flourish. I seriously can’t get enough of this right now. I used to fill my face with images of pattern upon pattern, but these days all I want to see is a good ombre or tonal color change. For some reason that subtle change from one end of a color to another is all the detail I need. Leif was carrying paint chip placemats for a while, but now they’ve added a table runner that I’m pretty sure would look perfect on our crazy pink office desk. And considering it doubles as a dining table for ten biz ladies every Friday, I think this might count as a business expense. Right? I’m hoping so, because my “buy” finger is getting pretty trigger-happy right now. If you need a little more color in your life, click here to check out and buy these colorful runners at Leif ($55 each). xo, grace

Adriana Willsie

Wow, I’m dying to have one of these. If I’m a painter and a cook, it would /totally/ count as a business expense. Good thinking!

tracy a

i love these as much as i love the placemats! oh ombre….can’t get enough!

krystal speck

LOVE Avril Loreti! She’s got an amazing eye for colour & her products are so witty. Glad to see she’s being carried by Leif!


Avril Loreti is my “go-to” for fun tea towels, I can’t wait to collect her table runners!

Avril Loreti

Awe shucks Guys! So a couple fun facts about the table runners… I’ve always loved talking about colour and finding fun names to describe them so i thought i’d try my hand at designing runners as a paintchip… then my French Canadian Mother helped me with the translations to french… and the number codes are various months and dates. I thought it was a fun way to mark important dates in the year with different colours.