ombre tights

Is there anything better than ombre tights? I’m not sure there is, at least when it comes to legwear. Whether it’s 75 or 7 below, I would wear these suckers into the ground. I’m pretty sure I’d look like an elementary school student in them, but I wouldn’t care. Give me soft fading color palettes any day. Click here to indulge in a little ombre love at the BZR shop on Etsy ($45 each, dyed by hand). xo, grace

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The grey ones are really cool… I was thinking that they run in the opposite direction to natural tan lines. The darker top parts must help slim thighs… gotta like that!


Wow, these are gorgeous, I would consider wearing dresses again for these!! ;-))


These are beautiful and immediately went to the site to order some.
Too bad you’re out of luck if you are taller than 5’6″ and/or bigger than a size 8…


I am not usually a fan of ombre, but these are incredible! Definitely on my must have list :)


oh i love these. might have to splurge. but i’d die if i got a snag or run in them… with my luck. ;)


Ok, these are awesome! The $45, not so much. I wonder how hard it would be to dye my own with a $5 pair …


ugh, too bad! tights that are too short are the worst! i’m not even that big but i buy extra tall extra large. haha.


i love these and would love to get them! but am totally bummed out, since i am larger than a size 8.


I love these, I saw them a few weeks ago and have been agonizing over buying a pair ever since.


I agree with Savanah, I don’t usually like ombre items but I quite like these too. Hopefully the designer will start making them in larger sizes as well, I’m not a size 8 and I prefer tights to be on the larger side anyway so I struggle less to get them on.


I don’t normally wear tights or skirts but these are so cool I may have to start! I like the grey/black combo best.


You’re right, Grace. I would probably flub it. These are perfection!
(still might try it, though)


Wow really great!!! Visually they really take away some kg!!!

Naomi Liddell @ Rocked By Life

I need these for my new Australian Autumn wardrobe!

Perfect season for these bad boys to come along. I’ll be gutted if I ladder them though. For $45 a pair, I’m reckoning I’ll don a pair of Marigolds during dressing to avoid such a mishap.


Actually, they look pretty easy to dye – you just dip the waist end in the dye pot and let cappiliary (sp) action bring the dye up. The difficulty is not smudging what you’ve done before you fix it in a mordant. Your results would be a bit random to start with, but at that price you can’t lose. Worst case scenario is that you end up having to dye the whole thing.

Remember that some commercially available dyes will only dye natural materials and would give you a mottled effect on say 80% cotton 20% spandex or whatever. Choose the right dye or the right tights.

Grace Bonney


i don’t know where the other props are from- you’ll have to ask the etsy shop owner. sorry.



These are gorgeous! I think the purple is my favourite…I would love a pair but I am 5′ 10″ :( Grace are you aware of any alternative designers/brands with similar styles for taller people? Thanks for sharing this with us!


You could get a better non seam by soaking/wetting the whole stocking first. Sponges might help with the blending. I really really like the purple ones, but I’ve NEVER been a size 8, a 9 curvy, but not an 8. I have so many clothes that would go with these!


I’ll have extended sizes, the shorts and skirt up soon:) if u wanna DIY, acid dye is the way to go! Tweet me @_bzr_ if u need advice:) thanks for the support!


Yes, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG legs are better than Ombre tights! ;0)


you could use a spray bottle to dye them instead of submerging. and just spray more on the bottom


could you please explain how you made this? or post a DIY or something, ik need to make something alike for school! thanks