new: popham design spring tiles

Whenever I see beautiful tiles, I feel a twinge of jealousy toward anyone lucky enough to own a home. I can’t exactly re-tile in a rental, so I pine for the day that I’ll be able to pick and choose my own bathroom tiles (I know, a weird thing to pine for). One of the tile companies I constantly return to is Popham Design. Caitlin and her team at Popham produce some of the most colorful, bold and unique tiles on the market. So of course, when I saw an email about their Spring collection, I got excited. The new Popham line is full of vivid blues and greens that are cool and watery. I really love the design above, but there are plenty of new patterns to view below and on their site. Whether you’re a homeowner looking for tiles or just a window shopper like me, you can check out the full range right here. And if you want to check out Caitlin and Samuel’s amazing home in Marrakech (it’s as pretty as you’d think), you can view their Sneak Peek right here. xo, grace

More tile designs after the jump . . .

Lydia Kuekes

Love love love the diamond shaped tiles, next to last. And also seriously loving the blue claw-foot tub! Gahhh I can’t wait to be a homeowner :(

Danielle DeBoe

one of the few down sides to my renters life…no custom tile. These are so magnificent! I will find a way to accent with them somehow! LOVE! xoxo danielle

Danielle DeBoe

this tile is MAGNIFICANT! I love this tile! one of the few downsides (to me) of remaining a renter! I think I will challenge myself to find an alternative use or way to use them. so sunshine-y happy! xoxo danielle


I love the bold tiles but really, I’m dying to find out where to acquire that double faucet pedestal sink!


I love those yellow tiles. I may have to stock up for when we finally get to renovate our sunroom.


I know how you feel! There are so many things I would love to do but can’t because I rent. =[

The hexagon tiles are marvelous. =]


These are gorgeous! How about a tile guide for some of these lesser known brands? There’s obviously some amazing stuff out there.


Love these so much! These would add a wonderful graphic element to a bathroom. Except for the beetles. Ick.


Lovely tile but I can’t say I would appreciate looking at them first thing in the morning!


Wow, I’ve never really took any notice of peoples tiles before but if any of these where on show I would definitely notice them! Awesome designs and colours.


Wonderful bunch … except for the insects. I think that’s the last thing I’d want to see in a restroom ;)


Amazing!!! I saw these tiles on en episode of Genevieve on HGTV (guilty pleasure) and figured I would never see them again! hoorayyy


We also live in a rental place. I feel your pain on not being able to change things like tiles at will!