new at matter: marble heaven

I don’t have a lot of “fancy lady” tendencies, but the few I do have revolve around cut flowers and one material in particular: marble. I can’t get enough of it right now. Its cool, swirled surface seems like the perfect minimalist solution to any design problem I’m having these days. Sadly, it brings up its own set of problems, namely the cost. But if I ever have a wealthy benefactor drop into my life or win the lottery, I will most definitely be buying the marble lights (what? marble lights? I know!) and table below. In addition to Castor’s Deadstock table (made from reclaimed marble from the Bank of Montreal) and Benjamin Hubert’s Quarry lights (made from hand-turned marble), Matter added some great new lights and tables to their collection that highlight marble and stone. xo, grace

More marble and stone-centric designs after the jump . . .

Image above: Steel, brass and marble lamp from Castor

Image above: Benjamin Hubert’s Gabion table, which uses granite balls as support for the table. I’m tempted to take them out and play bocce.