monty task lamp

I’m crushing pretty hardcore on this table lamp from Jayson Home. I’ve been looking for a vintage version with a marble base forever (can’t find one at my price point), but this crystal base version ($495) is pretty nice, too. I wouldn’t mind reading under this every night and having a pair on either side of the bed. They’d be tragically chic. If you’ve got $1,000 for bedside lamps, please get these and take a picture and send it to me so I can live vicariously through your chic bedroom. xo, grace


Very modern. Very cool. Very expensive. No living vicariously through me, unfortunately.


Wow. Love these, but ouch on the sticker shock. Not in my budget at the moment, but definitely a ‘lust after’ item.


Very pretty, I bet you could find some similar parts and make a decent knock off copy.

Jeana B

Okay, I’ve had that lamp except with a marble base stuck in my head for 2 months. What is it’s “official” name so I can do some more searching? Thanks!


this lamp is fantastic! i too have been crushing on the vintage version with the marble base. so, i searched and searched and found a few affordable versions that are online exclusives at however, shipping is not included for most so it makes them affordable ish… happy shopping!!

check them out…


I ordered one of these for a client a few weeks ago! LOVE. I will send a pic when the room is done.