molly hatch plate paintings

by Grace Bonney

I’m always interested to see what artist Molly Hatch is working on. In addition to being the maker of my beloved morning coffee mug (thanks, Kristina), she is one of my favorite ceramics artists on the scene. Molly recently debuted a new series of “plate paintings” at SOFA NY that use source imagery from the MET in NYC and the MFA in Boston. Working with curators from the textile, print and drawing departments of each museum, Molly created a new project called “COVET” that takes classic art and reproduces it on a series of 25–30 ceramic dinner plates. I love seeing the artwork in this form — it’s such an interesting spin on the pieces we see in museums. Click here to check out more images from COVET and here to see more of Molly’s work online. xo, grace

Source material for the plate painting above, “Lost Arcadia” by Isaac de Moucheron (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY)

Source material for the plate painting above, “Versailles Orangerie Part III” by Jacques Rigaud (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA)

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