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(mini) sneak peek: gabriel’s nursery

by Amy Azzarito

Since finding out that I’m going to be an aunt this summer (Twice! Two sisters = two babies!), I’ve been giving all baby-related things a second glance. I even rewatched Auntie Mame. So I was psyched to see this nursery from designers Sissy + Marley for baby Gabriel before he was born. The nursery is in New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood. Gabriel is now six months old and is by all accounts loving his bedroom. — Amy Azzarito (All images by Marco Ricca)

Image above: Welcome to Gabriel’s room. Filled with goodies from around the world, this room is yummy in every way. We really worked the space around the print of the wallpaper. We fell in love with this Baby Elephant Walk wallpaper by Jill Malek and used it to cover all of the walls and closet doors in this room. We think it gives the room a warm and polished look. Striped ceiling, printed wallpaper, knitted pendant light, lots of quirky dolls and cushions and a nice mix of modern but warm furniture make this room stand out.

Image above: Gabriel is one lucky boy! Elephants are a sign of luck, and boy does this room feel lucky. The artwork was custom made and hand embroidered by SISSY+MARLEY using Belgian linen and silk thread. Both the crib and changer are by Oeuf.

Image above: Though small, we were able to make this room super stylish and functional by using petite furniture and sticking to a soothing color palette. This custom ABC artwork was made for the room by SISSY+MARLEY. We created a soft color story that tied together all of the soothing colors in the room.

Image above: In small spaces, it is so important to have a place for everything, and we think this bookcase has it all. Open shelves for all of the gorgeous goodies worth displaying and a few closed ones make great hiding spots for the rest. The white leather rocker is by Monte Design.

Resource List: Oeuf Furniture (crib, changer and bookcase); Monte rocker; Baby Elephant Walk wallpaper by Jill Malek; window treatment by The Shade Store; WS Home hide rug; various goodies by Lucky Boy Sunday, Donna Wilson, Tane Organics, Oeuf and more. Bonne Nuit Pillow in crib by SISSY+MARLEY. All artwork custom made by SISSY+MARLEY.

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  • Ok, I am all for good design and simplicity, but where is the COLOUR? This is a child’s room and they are stimulated by contrast and colour…it may be beautiful, but for me it is missing something (need I say it? Colour!).

  • So beautiful! I am in love with the wood flooring color (currently on the hunt for our perfect wood type/color for new home). Any idea what type of wood that is and what color/finish?

  • Such an adorable room! I love the stripes on the ceiling and the natural wood/white casegoods, hopefully it will be just as calming for mom and dad as new baby! And the styling of the closet is beautiful…I think this child already has a more sophisticated wardrobe than I do.

    In another vein (I didn’t see anywhere in the contact us link for “general inquiries” so I thought I’d give it a shot in comments :)), I seem to recall that at one point there was a classifieds type section on designsponge. I am considering a relocation and possible career change and was hoping to tap into the wealth of knowledge amassed by your readership! Is there still a resource for that within designsponge? Thanks so much!

  • I love the pieces and the overall design of the nursery but what’s with the “life in grayscale” theme? It’s a baby! Where’s the color? I’m not saying pastels or blue for boys or anything overly traditional, but shades of white? The kid doesn’t even get to pick beyond light grey, medium grey or dark grey for clothing! (Not that a six month old is picking their own clothing but you know what I mean.) Even the stuffed animals are grey!

  • hi Amy~
    Art is a powerful way to remember those first nursery years and You can select time-less pieces as a collection for your child to cherish for many more to come. Recently I have been welcoming a growing number of baby art collectors.. so fun*!

  • Great idea for the ceiling, especially considering how much time babies spend looking at it. Beautiful room.

  • This nursery is great from an adult’s point of view – Ireally love it to look at. But for a baby?! Where’s the cheeriness and colour and stimulation?

  • I like the idea of an all-white nursery…it certainly beats the predictable blue for a boy, pink for a girl room. All this special room needs are some thick and chunky pillow knits in cream. Perfect for a rocking chair!

  • Love it all! Just like the added color elements in his room though, the little guy needs more color punches in his clothes.

  • This is lovely, but there’s no way I would describe that room as small. Even that closet is huge compared to what many adult New Yorkers live with…

  • That Monte rocker is gorgeous! The whole room rocks! (in a soothing gentle way of course)

  • It’s an absolutely gorgeous room; however I find it a lot more inspiring to see the results of a homeowner or apartment renter’s own efforts. Anyone who has a lot of money to spend can hire someone to create a gorgeous room. I like seeing the DIY stuff–gives me ideas and hope that my own place can someday achieve a similar level. Plus I feel like those Sneak Peeks and Before & Afters have more personality and individuality.

    That isn’t to say, however, that Gabriel isn’t one lucky little kid. :)

  • While it is a beautiful room, I definitely would want a little more color and life to a baby’s room. Even the toys in the room look like they’ve been picked more to be stylish rather than fun for the kid.. It’s a pretty and undeniably stylish room, but it seems too dull for a little boy.

  • I agree with Dana. Much more fun and inspiring to see DIY rooms instead of a room designed by a decorator. While I love the room, I actually find it depressing to see this room with expensive designer furniture and all of the fancy baby clothes in the closet. Feels like the only way to create something like this is with $$$, which is not true. I think my kid has an awesome room and we created it with found objects and Ikea furniture. :)

  • No doubt it’s a stunning room with beautiful, well made pieces. A few more hits of color and contrast against this serene backdrop would make for both a stylish space for adults and provide the much need stimulation and fun for a child :)

  • I love how expressive and simple all the soft toys are. It’s so pristine! Would love to see photos of the room after the little one has played in it.

  • What a coincidence…the exact same room and photos were posted today on the Decor8 blog? I thought the D*S site was exclusive?

  • It’s a beautiful room for now – as are all the nurseries you have shown over the years – the problems come when children start to choose their own toys and will no longer have them artfully picked for them! My eldest had a tasteful selection of wooden toys that very quickly got superceeded by lots of horrible plastic trash as soon as he could make his choices known. Needless to say my second and third children have fallen in love from day one with the nasty looking toys and the wooden ones are pushed to the back of the cupboard! My point? Children can only be ‘designed’ for so long!

  • yes it is a nice actually very simple room that has all the basics. I have to agree with Debbie saw it already, and on Decor8 blog she even mentions that it was sent to her – so why was it also sent to you Grace?!

    • lisa

      i’ll check with gabriel- we never run homes that people tell us have been submitted or run elsewhere. sometimes they aren’t entirely honest about coverage or where something has been run, which we sadly can’t control.


  • I also was going to leave a comment that the room is absolutely beautiful, and those worried about not enough color should not fret. That room will soon be filled with brightly colored plastic toys, no matter how vigilant the parents are! Hopefully, that closet alows for lots of bins for all the unsightly things real childhood will introduce to the room.

    And I’d like to add that as a DS reader, I like to sometimes see professionally designed rooms. Even if I don’t have a big budget, it gives me ideas and things to aspire to.

  • I love the soothing tones of this room. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to that? Makes for some peaceful napping….
    And those HERMES blankets…..L O V E ….I’d rather have one of those than Liz Taylor’s diamond collection :-) But I don’t know if I’d want to share mine with a bambino…
    Still a sweet nursery.

  • We have a 6 month old Gabriel too! His room remains rather less finished than this though (although he is still happily in with us so perhaps we have a wee while longer to sort ourselves out!)
    Very inspiring – I love the striped ceiling and elephants. I remain baffled by the amount of carping that nursery posts engender — it is inspiration, not dictating that we all must have the ouef crib rather than the Euro59 ikea one (that we have, quite happily).
    As for colour – *personally* I prefer to add colour by soft furnishings, toys, books and art (changing as Mister G develops) rather than bright walls or whatever. But! Personal choice kiddos.

  • that’s the most beautiful nursery i’ve ever seen!
    I love the color scheme and the soothing atmosphere
    so perfect

  • As a nanny and having worked in daycare for over 15 years I can tell you that room will not stay that clean for long. I think a white rocking chair in a child’s room is very impractical. Babies spit up and get food places you wouldn’t expect. Pretty room but not at all practical for children.

    • julie

      wouldn’t you have to wash a rocking chair frequently regardless of what color it was? i think some people are willing to do a little extra clean up if it’s needed and what’s practical for one family isn’t always practical for another.


  • No you wouldn’t have to wash a rocking chair that is another color as frequently as you do white. Again as someone who has worked with all sorts of families the reality is kids are messy. White shows everything right away. Not saying it isn’t someone’s choice to have all white furniture but just saying it isn’t going to stay clean long with children around.

  • This is pretty nice!!! I wish to have a baby now so that I could make something like this. The design is awesome. I mean perfect!! Anyway where to order this stuffs used here?

  • That is a truly lovely room. It is beautiful, and stylish, and very soothing to me.

    But if Gabriel will be anything like most kids that I have raised or encountere, then this room will not stay white or whole for very long.

    I have a pale rug in the living room and it is only my constant vigiliance in combination the regular application of steam cleaning, vacuuming and vivid threats of what I will do if I catch anyone near it with juice or colouring pens that is keeping it a version of its original colour.