mini patio peek

It’s already April, and I’m itching for some outdoor time. Though I don’t have any outdoor space myself, I love seeing the possibilities for small-space outdoor decorating (and dreaming a bit!). This patio is located in the Hollywood Hills and has an expansive view of LA, but when Jared Frank and Sam Jacober of Topsy Design first saw the space, it was anything but glamorous — the patio was barren, with gravel on both sides and very little green. Rather than purchasing expensive all-weather plastic-coated patio furniture, the duo searched high and low for antique items that could withstand the elements. The space didn’t have cozy nooks or trees to block the sunlight, so the challenge was making sure it could support large gatherings while also creating spots for relaxation and contemplation. Thanks, Jared & Sam! (And don’t miss their full sneak peek here!) — Amy Azzarito

Image above: This is the main patio space. The focal point is the handmade cedar tub, which was stained to match the deck and then partially sunk into the deck (along with the electric heater). We purchased an aluminum cart to serve as a plant holder, but it can also function as an outdoor bar during parties. The shabby iron French garden chair was discovered at the Long Beach Flea Market, and French copper-green painted hooks were located on eBay. To provide nighttime mood lighting, we purchased hanging cage lanterns from Anthropologie, but if I had to do it again, I’d definitely source originals.

Image above: In the nook next to the patio, we replaced the gravel with flagstones, positioned a cast iron club chair made from salvaged materials underneath a shady tree, and across from it, placed an Eastern European bench that we found at the Rose Bowl Flea. The hammock breaks up the space, but can also be unhooked during larger gatherings or bad weather.

More of this California patio after the jump . . .

Image above: The detail on the iron French garden chair that was purchased at the Long Beach Flea Market

Image above: We knew that if we were going to create a cozy and natural space, we were gonna have to get our hands dirty. In the end, finding interesting succulents and planters proved one of the most enjoyable experiences of this project. We traveled to many shops, but most of the rare succulents ended up coming from California Cactus Center, and most of the pots were found at Rolling Greens.

Image above: We found this wonderful Arthur Court aluminum flower table at Off The Wall, a fabulous, very-Hollywood antique shop and put together a little seating area with mid-century wire chairs, which we had repainted at an auto shop and upholstered with vintage-style Sunbrella fabric. It’s a wonderful space to relax in, and the vibe completely changes from day to night. Hopefully the next time we work outside, it’ll be a full backyard so we can build a tree house!

leah houston

where on earth did you find the tub? or did you have it made? if so, by whom! i am soo thrilled to see your wonderful patio and find it absolutely inspiring!!!!


Same question as Mickey: can you tell us what the vegetation is between the flagstone? Am looking to replace the green that shriveled up and died between mine… Thanks!


Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful place! I love everything about it, especially that amazing table! And hammock; and the tub; and the trolley….


a dreamy, wonderful work and BRAVO to you for looking for old stuff to create something so beautiful. I love recycling and I feel best in something that has been pre-loved! :)
very, very, very creative, lovingly transformed and surely much loved patio!


Gosh just love this. I am totally inspired to take some hints from here for my own little patch of land :)

Mary Moore

Wonderful, beautiful. I also would love to know what the vegetation is that is growing between the flagstones of the patio.


Hey all, thanks so much for the kind words!

The hammock was purchased through Novica. However, their offerings have changed a bit since last time I was on the site.

Don’t remember the name of the ground cover, it is a hearty species native to Southern California. Let me take a look through my notes and get back to you all soon.

And please consider following us on twitter #topsydesign or

Jared @ Topsy


Oh, and we bought the tub from Sea Otter Woodworks, though I’m sure one could build their own and just purchase a heater from them. Very simple design.
Jared @ TOPSY

jason smith

the was this space feels… the mood and texture… a very cohesive plan and execution.

Ullika Pankratz

I can not wait for the weather to turn warmer so I can go out into my yard to hang up my hammock again – thank you for the inspiration!


where is that cool geometric green / orange towel from?


Vintage Hilasal towel (and swimsuit) is mine and from etsy, and just used as a prop to demonstrate what the hooks are for.


This is a great outdoor mini patio….very peaceful and calm. LOVE IT! Where did you find the wooden tub… its such a great touch.