matthew shlian

I’m slowly becoming something of a Matthew Shlian devotee. My last two posts contained images that have been in my desktop “inspiration” file for years. So when the team at Ghostly pointed out his newest colorful work, I was instantly hooked. Matthew is a paper engineer in the most creative, eloquent way possible. His work seems to effortlessly blend architecture, art and traditional paper craft. His newest designs utilize Michael Cina’s abstractionist canvas work in a way that brings vivid color to Matthew’s stunning 3D paper worlds. I can’t properly describe how beautiful these works are, so I hope you’ll check them out in more detail here ($250 each). These are definitely joining Matthew’s other works on my desktop for years to come. xo, grace

More images of Matthew’s work after the jump . . .


These are incredible and unlike anything I’ve seen – I think paper is one of the best mediums to work with! Thank you for featuring him!


He is fantastic! I took a class he taught when I was in school at U-Michigan.