living in: mannequin


Mannequin is your typical 1980s rom-com about a time traveling Egyptian princess turned into a living store display. You know, the usual. It boggles the mind that someone in a business suit okayed the plot, but I’m not complaining. A young mannequin played by Kim Catrall woos her creator by night, romping around in fancy dresses, smooching in the display tents and hang gliding over the mall’s multistory atrium. See, I told you it was good. — Amy Merrick

1. Rachel Antonoff Dress, $315; 2. Deborah Lipman Nail Polish, $20; 3. Summer Straw Hat, $34; 4. Romona Sunglasses, $14; 5. Cameo White Mannequin, $323; 6. Moleskine Notebook, $12; 7. Pentel Mechanical Pencil, $5; 8. Stainless Cubes, $8+; 9. Prince Tennis Racket, $91; 10. Vintage Display Table, $3495

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Set in a big, fancy department store, I’m fairly certain this is where I developed my first interest in shopping. The window dresser named Hollywood pretty much steals the show; his 1980s geometric goofiness is everything I hold dear about the decade. Pop yourself some nauseatingly buttery popcorn, put on some shoulder pads and enjoy.

1. Vintage 1980s Sunglasses, $15; 2. Vintage Geometric Shirt, $27; 3. Cassette Tape USB Flash Drive, $24; 4. Striped Beach Towel, $7; 5. Striped Screw Drivers, $26; 6. Wire Cube Set, $30; 7. Beach Ball, $3; 8. Striped Hammer, $26; 9. Geometric Bangle Set, $8


I love this movie so much. (Probably because I haven’t seen it for twenty years!) Thank you SO MUCH for this!


They just don’t make movies like this anymore (unless they remake them). I miss the goofy rom-coms of the 80s.


“It’s those jelly donuts. They call to me in the middle of the night. ‘Hollywood! Come and get me, Hollywood!’ I can’t stay away from them!”

You don’t know how often I find a way to work that quote into everyday conversation.


AWESOME – one of my favorite movies growing up! Also, those wire cubes are pretty great!

Catoctin Mountain Mama

Oh, wow….I haven’t thought about this movie in YEARS. It was one of my favorite movies as a kid, I had day-dreams of living in a department store. Thanks for putting a smile on my face today!


We Netflixed this movie a few months ago… it’s every bit as good as you remember it!

Ashley • Fine Day Press

Omigod I loved this movie! A ridiculous plot, but the combination of Andrew McCarthy and window design is just irresistible!!! Actually spotted it on tv not too long ago, and it was just as fab as I remembered it.


“Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” is stuck in my head now! Love this whole post – as usual!

So glad I wasn’t the only one who wanted to move into a department store. When I finally got a job as a visual merchandiser, I thought of this movie all the time!


I love the 80’s! And I loved this movie too though I did have a good laugh about the plot :-P Thanks for another great “Living In”


This movie was awesome. Definitely brought me back. I really like the hammer that was included in the collage.


This is one of my favourite films, along with Working Girl. I love an evening in watching 80’s movies. Hollywood was the greatest. “Hollywooood” When I was Visual Manager me and the rest of the team had our days of Hollywood one liners. So much fun. And what about Kim Catrall’s incredible figure.


Loved this movie! Favorite Hollywood quote: It’s those jelly donuts, they call to me at night. “Hollywood, Hollywood, come and get me Hollywood.”


hollywooooooooooood! Die for this movie. So wanted to be Kim Cattrall.

Monica Guerrero

I love this movie… in fact my sister and I are trying to find a decent and cheap DVD of Mannequin :) Thanks for sharing and for the super nice tips!


OMG! My friend and I actually went out and RENTED this movie on Sunday…it was our Sunday Funday!!! Such a good movie


This movie totally made me want to live in a department store. And how can you beat slimy James Spader??


Oh, just your typical bizarre 80’s movie…that was AWESOME! Love this!

Can we do a series of “living-in” 80’s movies? How about Return to Oz? That one was the best!


Living In is my favorite DS section. Do y’all take requests? Amy, you have already tackled many of my favorite films. I just rewatched the movie Waitress last week and thought that would be a fun one to tackle.


Ah that nostalgic feeling. I’m not old enough to feel nostalgic! No I can’t be! It feels like a lifetime ago when I last saw Mannequin so maybe I am old enough. In any event, it was an enjoyable little movie and I always liked the plot-line of an Egyptian Princess looking for more out of life.

Susan Hazel

Ha, ha, ha, ha! I love that movie. Such a child of the 80s. I remember when I first saw Sex in the City, all I could think was, “hey that’s the girl from Mannequin!”


This movie embodies the decadence of the 80s and remains one of my definite guilty pleasures. I mean, who wouldn’t want to play dress up all night to a fantastically outrageous montage!


OMG. Thank you for reminding me how awesome the plot line was and refreshing my dream of hang gliding in a mall! And I need some sunglasses like Hollywood had – those would be most excellent for summer, I think. Love that movie!


OMG My twin sister and I used to love this madness when we were younger. And when I saw it not too long ago I too thought who gave the okay for this plot! But I loved that dress up scene!


@Kahli I just downloaded the song from that scene, “Do You Dream About Me,” by Alisha. I couldn’t help cutting a rug in front of my computer.


As someone who actually works in the world of merchandising and display, I can’t help but love this movie! So fun!

Samantha M.

Kudos, Ms. Merrick, for taking movies that I would consider “dated” or “silly” and finding the stylish influences in them.

If you’re taking 80’s requests, can I whisper “Purple Rain” in your ear? I’m watching it for the first time in years, and it’s so deliciously 80’s yet has such interesting style to it!

Karen Longo

This movie was the one where my love for Andrew McCarthy was cemented! And I can only admit that because he’s only gotten better looking as he’s gotten older, and now he’s a talented travel writer who writes for National Geographic Traveler, among other things. Cute movie.