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living in: a woman is a woman

by amym

A Woman is a Woman hits all of the best style notes – feminine and French but also subtle and cool. We’re no strangers to Jean-Luc Godard fandom here, and this early musical romp is no different. Following the story of a young exotic dancer who’s anxious who have a baby with her ambivalent boyfriend, you can’t help but fall head over heels, flaws and all.   –Amy Merrick

1. Red knit sweater, $39; 2. York box, $128; 3. Antique gilt mirror; 4. Vintage YSL beret, $606; 5. Libby ashtray, $10; 6. Joan and David kitten heel pumps, $175; 7. Korson chair; 8. Rose figurine, $15; 9. Vintage blue budvase, $25; 10. Kohl eyeliner, $8.

Angela and Emile’s apartment is a study in sweet simplicity, all white walls with a few fancy pieces and flea market finds thrown in. Feminine but not too fussy. Godard gets it right. While a love triangle made solely for the purpose of having a baby sounds like a truly awful idea, it almost seems like a small price to pay for such a stylish existence.

1. Vintage spice container sets; 2. Kitchen scale, $368; 3. Jaeger sailor dress, $220; 4. Rise serving knife, $20; 5. Bistro bowl, $55; 6. Vintage enamel coffee pots; 7. Thonet stool, $231; 8. Egg shakers, $26; 9. Red check tablecloth, $25.

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