lapin dome

by Grace Bonney

I’m a total nut when it comes to bunny-related accessories. They’re perfect because they fulfill my childhood desire for a bunny and my very adult desire to not clean up after one. Designed by Tina Frey, these little rabbit-eared pedestals and domes would be adorable for a party or baby shower. They’ve got that whimsical, child-like feel I like in tabletop design and are even dishwasher safe. Click here to check them out in more detail and shop ($176) online. xo, grace

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  • Ever since I got my bunny Stella, I’m on a search for all things bunny! Love the ears as handles on these dishes:)

  • oh man, WHAT is it about the bunnies? I have developed this crazy love for bunnies. Glad to hear I am not the only one. I love these pieces from Tina Frey…they will be going on my pinterest bunny board asap.

  • these are adorable and surprisingly grown up. i have a pet rabbit though and have to avoid most rabbit-related products because of the “crazy bunny lady” effect. also a side note, rabbits are really easy to care for and not messy at all. ms. jackson however would surely not approve ;)

  • You’d be surprised at how trainable and clean bunnies actually are, Grace. I had a house rabbit for a little over a year. I found him in the middle of the road one rainy night, picked him up and took him home. He slept in a box that we decorated as his ‘Rabbitat’ and successfully trained him to go in a litter box. He integrated into the family with our two cats. Just sayin’

  • Ditto on all the other bunny lovers’ comments out there – my two are my first pets and I think they are fantastic! And if you need to cut back on super cute bunny themed accessories… Don’t ever go to Japan.