isleta duvet

by Grace Bonney

There is an insane amount of awesome geometric stuff happening at Anthropologie right now. Much like ombre, I can’t get enough of simple geometric shapes and patterned. Used all together it looks like a train wreck, but used sparingly throughout a home it feels modern and architectural. This Isleta Duvet is a great example. So many of the geometric patterns in the market right now fall flat because they’re cheaply printed, but this piece is made of high-quality linen and all of the arrow and stripe patterns are actually raised embroidery. Details like that go a long way, for me, towards keeping a piece past the height of its “trend” and making it something I’ll use for years to come. Click here to check out this bedding (duvet, shams and bedskirt) online and stay tuned for more geometrics this afternoon… xo, grace

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  • Anthropologie always has gorgeous bedding. I’m not even into geometric prints that much and I still think this is a beautiful duvet– interesting colorway, too!

  • I’ve been seeing this bedding on Pinterest and love it too. Didn’t realize it was all actually raised embroidery! Does anyone know if this seriously needs to be dry cleaned only, though? That seems a bit much for bedding…down comforter, ok, but the duvet cover less so.

  • Embroidery can be so old-fashioned, but here it just makes the geometric designs pop. There is a certain classic aesthetic to embroidering such trendy designs — I agree with you Grace, these won’t go out of style so quickly because of the workmanship.

  • totally love this, but it’s more than our pendleton blanket cost! however i imagine how long this would take me to stitch… and then it doesn’t seem like so much money! tough for pet lovers to invest in dry clean bedding for sure – wish it was cotton.

  • Oh my! These are fantastic! Makes me want to get out my embroidery hoops! (I might finish a set before I”m too old and infirm to enjoy them…)

  • Yeah… I was all set to buy it until I realised it was dry clean only… I think with the dark coloured embroidery and pale linen I wouldn’t risk handwashing. Seems very possible that the colour would run. Ah well, lemming killed.